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Students and Parents at The West Bridgford School in the UK are raving about the benefits of a mobile-friendly VLE. For the school, it’s never been easier to engage with parents and monitor the academic work of their students. See how WBS is creating a strong academic community that is helping students succeed throughout their unique learning journey.

Video Transcript

Speaking: Mark Deans – Deputy Head Teacher The West Bridgford School

“As a school, we are a very, very academic school, and our main key is learning in the whole of our focus is on learning and thinking and we were looking for some technological solutions to help us really leverage that triangle between home, school and what the pupils do between those two places. Brightspace, it’s been a really effective tool to do that.”

Speaking: Dan Alton – Teacher, The West Bridgford School

“We don’t have any scraps of paper lying around anymore, it’s all in one place, we all have access to each other’s stuff so if we need to get, you know, sort of standardisation markings to file out we can all do it on there and there are no issues whatsoever. The students have access to their education from home straight away.”

Speaking: Matt Tansey – Student, The West Bridgford School

“You can see all the grades you’ve got for anything and you can see sort of where you started and where you’re ending up and if you’re getting better or worse or anything that you need to change. So, there’s more of a relationship between student and teacher because you feel you can get their feedback clearer and easier than from writing than just text.”

Speaking: Lily Proudlove – Student, The West Bridgford School

“On your phone or like on a tablet you can get notifications of when there’s a new grade put up or a homework new set so you can always get the deadlines and the times right.”

Speaking: Caroline Nolan – Parent

“The fantastic thing about Brightspace as parents is that we’re able to, to look at a progress report and the grades and then interpret them which makes the parents evenings a lot more productive.”

Speaking: Dan Alton – Teacher, The West Bridgford School

“The quality of homework that I’ve seen, the quality of classwork that I’ve seen from having Brightspace, and then having access to parts of it has gone up tenfold.”

Speaking: Mark Deans – Deputy Head Teacher The West Bridgford School

“If students are consistently logging on in their own time at weekends, trying to find out what we’re up to and what materials I can access, discussions I can take part in, we know we’re doing the right thing.”

Speaking: Lily Proudlove – Student, The West Bridgford School

“You can put overlays on it, so people have dyslexia, a lot of the time with colours it can seem quite confusing, whereas just putting an overlay just sorts it out completely. A lot of other people do struggle with having like dyslexia and like reading difficulties and it just, it’s just so much easier.”

Speaking: Caroline Nolan – Parent

“We don’t need to check on them constantly, but what we really just are able to do is actually enjoy their journey as well in their learning.”

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