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Deliver Awesome Customer Experiences by Empowering Employees with Great Training

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Brands that prioritise their customer experience can give themselves a clear edge in a competitive market. This allows them to set as much as a 16% price premium on their products and get first dibs on the 32% of the customers who walk away from a favourite brand after a bad experience.[1]

The Importance of Customer Experience

If customer experience is such a critical component of overall success, why do 49% of brands still struggle to deliver an excellent one?[2] The answer may lie in training. After all, your frontline employees are the face and voice of your brand. If they don’t have the time and resources they need to advance their knowledge and skills, they won’t be able to deliver the service and experiences customers expect.

Excellent customer experience is a requirement for success in today’s competitive business world, to the extent that 80% of companies surveyed by Gartner expect to compete mainly based on customer experience.4 But improving your customer experience doesn’t start with your customer—it starts much deeper within your organisation, with a culture of learning.

It might seem like a stretch to say that customer experience starts with training and development. But when 80% of customers would pay more for a product or service to get a superior customer experience, the connection becomes clearer. Building a culture of learning has a positive impact on important HR metrics like retention, engagement and productivity—three factors that, in turn, decide how your employees engage with your customers. And because of the strong connection between your employee experience and customer experience, everything you do to improve one affects the other.

Some Things You’ll Learn in this eBook

  • Why a culture of learning reinforces the customer experience-employee experience connection
  • How a culture of learning can prepare employees to support the changing buying behaviours of consumers
  • Five steps you can take toward building a culture of learning that improves experiences for employees and consumers

[1] Experience is everything. Get it right.

[2] Closing the CX Gap: Customer Experience Trends Report 2019

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