Connect individuals with a global ecosystem of valuable resources. With our learning repository you can manage learning objects, share content and gather assets from external sources.

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Develop courses faster.

Instructors can publish or update courses more easily by pulling their documents, media, and other materials from one central source.

  • Seamless LMS integration makes content available in all important workflows
  • Dynamic linking to learning objects helps you manage course content
  • Advanced admin features allow granular control over how materials can be used

Find content quickly.

Powerful search capabilities help users identify specific content: they can browse individual repositories or search across multiple ones at the same time.

  • Resources can be shared and reused across an organization
  • Search methods include keywords, ratings, comments, and more
  • Advanced metadata management allows resources to be classified differently

Explore new resources.

Built-in support for third-party content helps users discover and access materials from the broader learning community.

  • Single-search interface aggregates content from internal and external sources
  • Integration with Open Educational Resources (OER) platforms is supported
  • Standards-based packaging allows content to be moved from LMS to LMS
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