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    At D2L, we’re passionate about helping people become better at what they do and transforming how the world learns. With over 18 years of experience in education, we’re well-designed to engage the workforce of today…and the workforce of tomorrow too.

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    We Know Learning

    We elevate corporate learning through our award-winning learning platform. We upgrade your corporate learning programs, improve employee performance and achieve better business outcomes:

    Easy. Flexible. Smart.

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    We’re always looking around the corner and working with our customers to stay ahead of industry changes.


    We enable you to deliver a personalized experience to your employees.


    Improve job readiness by upskilling employees with learning that’s tailored to their needs and individual learning styles.

    Future-Proof your Workforce

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    Upgrade leadership development

    Leadership is top of mind for most organizations—now is the time to invest in training the future leaders of your company. Use situational learning and social assessment to let new managers exercise their leadership skills.

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    Upgrade technical skills

    In today’s digital age, everyone needs to be a technical employee. Deploy off-the-shelf technical training, while turning your employees into agile and innovative technical subject matter experts.

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    Upgrade the customer experience

    Your customers and employees are the lifeblood of your company. Improve their performance with just-in-time microlearning, like customer scenario videos and short quizzes for training and assessment.

    Let us help you create a modern corporate learning culture that will transform your business. Leverage our platform for:

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    Leadership Development

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    Employee Engagement

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    Corporate University

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    Lifelong Learning

    Advisory and Creative Services

    Our team of experts can help you design and build an immersive, interactive experience that engages learners.

    Managed Services

    Let us manage implementation, monitoring, customization, and support for you.

    Find out how we can help you build a modern learning culture that addresses your unique workforce challenges.