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Effective Education: What can Brightspace do for you, the Faculty?

Check back for a new blog each month!

In a series of blogs we will explore how Brightspace can make faculty life easier by helping you work smarter, not harder. With a plethora of options on the market, we’re here to highlight how our learning management system (LMS) can enhance your teaching, not hinder it.

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Blog 5: Brightspace can support student tracking of tasks and progress!

This blog explores ways in which faculty can utilize Brightspace to help instill effective time management skills in their students, including employing such features as date restrictions and progress tracking. We will also discuss the Brightspace Pulse mobile app.
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Blog 4: Brightspace can provide appropriate and timely feedback to students in a variety of ways!

This blog explores various ways to provide appropriate and timely feedback, including descriptive comments, in-line annotations, numeric grades, and audio/video recordings.
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Blog 3: Brightspace can help motivate students and improve engagement!

This blog explores how to help increase student engagement and retention by using Brightspace to promote opportunities for active learning and authentic assessment.
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Blog 2: Brightspace can provide a digital community that connects faculty and students outside of the classroom!

This blog explores how to develop a digital community for your students within Brightspace, where they will be able to engage in collaborative learning, experience increased accountability, and interact with like-minded peers.
students looking at tablet

Blog 1: Brightspace can facilitate more effective communication with your students!

This blog explores how to effectively improve communication between you, the faculty member, and your students, as well as how to encourage peer-to-peer communication within Brightspace.