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This Week in EdTech – Sept 23 2016

  • 2 Min Read

Your weekly roundup of trending new stories in higher education, K-12, and corporate learning.

This week’s roundup has a bit of everything for your reading pleasure. Learn how one school is keeping student retention rates high with data analytics, what educational learning strategies are making its way into corporate learning, and what the early 1900’s version of the iPad was.

Universities Are Making Positive Changes Through Collecting Data

What if you could prevent students from dropping out of college with data analytics? The Vice Provost at this university is changing the way it approaches student advising and has increased the university’s retention rate to 95 percent. Find out how.

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Take a Cue from the Schoolroom

The corporate learning world is taking a page from K12 and higher education to promote learning strategies within the ever-evolving business environment. It makes sense after all, the type of learning expected from employees is a lot different than it used to be. Check out the parallels happening in schools as well as corporate businesses.

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Infographic: History of Classroom Technology

Check out this fun visual representation about the evolution of educational tools, starting from 1650. Each new invention has had an impact on teaching and learning, for both teachers and students. Can you guess what the 21st century’s answer to the school slate is?

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Game-Based Learning: Is It the Future of Education?

It just might be. This article explores the definition of game-based learning and the many benefits of using interactive experiences to make learning easier. Why is game-based learning so efficient? We’ll let you find out why.

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Five Ways to Teach Students to Be Learning Centered, Too

How do you get students to care about their learning as much as you do? This article outlines five tips to help teachers get their students actively involved, so that they feel inspired and accountable for their learning.

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