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This Week in EdTech: A New Cost at College

  • 2 Min Read

This week’s roundup covers a textbook alternative, how data can help with absences, the impact of alternative credentials, and more news you may have missed.

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A New Cost at College: Digital Access Codes

The days of spending hundreds of dollars or more on college textbooks aren’t quite over, but some of these tangible books may be replaced with digital access codes for online resources. Although these digital codes may keep your backpack feeling light – the same can be said about your wallet. Check out the article to learn about the average costs.

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The Power of a School Library Hashtag

Here’s a fun fact: remember the Internet Relay Chat (IRC)? Did you know the hashtag dates back to the late ’80s where it was used to sort content into IRC groups? With social media playing a progressively effective role in connecting students and parents to schools, learn how the hashtag can be used as a tool to help bridge communities and people around the world.

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Moving from “Alternative Credentials” to an Integrated Credential Ecosystem

People are increasingly looking to alternative credits such as digital badges, verified certificates, and other micro-credentials to better match up to employer needs. In this article, The EvoLLLution interviews Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO of the Lumina Foundation, for his thoughts on alternative credentials and the impacts, as well as the challenges it’s having on post-secondary education.

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Data Can Help Schools Confront 'Chronic Absence'

Chronically absent students have been a longstanding challenge in the US school districts. However, schools may now be able to use their own data to address the issue. Check out this article to learn about the six-step process for how you can use data to improve graduation rates.

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Making The World Your Classroom

We know that the internet connects people around the world more than ever before, but what about using the web as a tool in the classroom to connect with peers in other countries? In this interview with Julie Lindsay, author of The Global Educator: Leveraging Technology for Collaborative Learning and Teaching, she provides her opinion on how nurturing a cultural education will benefit students throughout their entire lives.

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