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This Week in EdTech – June 3, 2016

  • 3 Min Read

Looking back on your college experience, how well did it prepare you for your career? Have you heard about the contest that’s offering the world’s largest prize in education? And what about the recent hype around virtual and augmented reality? Is it final

That’s just a few of the topics that caught our attention this week – keep reading to find out what else is going on in the world of edtech.

Augmented Reality, Big Data and Other E-learning Trends for 2016

This article had me at ‘augmented reality’ – this concept truly brings new meaning to interactive learning in the classroom. But that’s only 1 out of 8 trends to look out for in e-learning for 2016. Go ahead and click the link to find out the other 7, we won’t mind.

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Remember Second Life? Its Fans Hope to Bring VR Back to the Classroom

Second Life was all the rage about 10 years ago. It was an incredibly immersive virtual world that functioned as a video game, with social networking features and let’s face it – it was awesome. Back then there were predictions flying around about the internet turning into a sort of 3D environment, and now a decade later we’re back to virtual reality being the ‘next big thing’. Check out this interesting article on what lessons can be learned from Second Life, as well as this accompanying podcast.

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How Programming Supports Math Class, Not the Other Way Around

This piece argues that programming “directly supports some of the core tenets of how we learn mathematics.” It can also improve problem-solving skills, encourage collaboration, and help students learn how to pay more attention to detail. So should basic programming be an essential part of every math curriculum, instead of just a tech niche?

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Only 40% of College Seniors Feel Their College Experience Was Helpful in Preparing for a Career

McGraw-Hill Education’s 2016 Workforce Readiness Survey revealed only 4 in 10 college seniors feel their post-secondary experience was helpful in preparing them for the working world. More interestingly, men feel more prepared than their female counterparts do, and Arts & Humanities majors don’t feel prepared at all. This article is full of interesting stats and infographics – check it out!

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Education Around the World

Chinese Billionaire Launches World's Biggest Education Prize

Charles Chen Yidan, a tech billionaire from China has launched a contest with a prize worth more than £5m in Hong Kong. He’s calling the award the “Yidan Prize” and anyone from around the world is able to compete. According to Chen, “the world needs a big idea and that is why we have set up this prize to create many big ideas to create a better world.” Do you think you have what it takes? Read the full article to learn more.

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Universities Agree To Publish 'Real' ATARs

Australia’s most renowned universities have agreed to come clean on their admissions processes. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is what universities use to rank applicants for undergrad-entry programs, and the release of confidential data has uncovered some interesting results. Some Australian universities have been accepting up to 60% of students who ranked below the minimum requirements. Check out this news story for more details.

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Record 97% of University Graduates Land Jobs

97.3% of university graduates landed a job at the beginning of the fiscal year on April 1 – a record-high for Japan. According to the recent release of the country’s government data, the enthusiasm for recruitment is certainly increasing for many companies. A survey also suggested similar results among high school graduates. Check out the full report to learn more about these findings.

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