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This Week in EdTech – June 17, 2016

  • 3 Min Read

Welcome back to This Week in EdTech. This time we’re taking a look at the consequences of virtual, blended and online learning models, and the types of questions all new teachers should be prepared to answer.

Five Keys to Closing Achievement Gaps with Blended Learning

Since this elementary school in California moved to a blended learning model last year, they’ve seen a 53% increase in the number of students who are able to read at grade level. How did they achieve so much in such a short period? Check out 5 keys that helped lead this school to success.

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VHS Weekly Lesson: Identity through Ink

This online high school is taking a unique approach to distributing curriculum-aligned content, while engaging learners of all ages. Each weekly lesson is inspired by stories from the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. This is a great example of how to create open content that’s fun, free, and an easy way to participate in the online learning community. Check out the lesson for this week on the history of body art and what role it plays in our daily interaction with others.

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Students and Higher Ed Leaders Put Their Faith in Online Classes

90% of students say their online learning experiences are the same, if not better than in-classroom options; 71% of academic leaders say learning outcomes for online courses are the same, if not better than face-to-face classes; and 4 out or 5 college students feel their professors could be doing more to integrate technology into learning. This is only a handful of the interesting stats included in the Online Learning Consortium’s latest infographic, check out the full article to learn more about the state of online learning opportunities within higher ed.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality: Where Is the Educational Value?

In the last few issues of This Week in Edtech, we’ve featured articles related to augmented and virtual reality (VR) and now we’re finally starting to see this technology make its way into the K-12 classroom. So how great would it be to take your Spanish class to Spain, or visit the Great Barrier Reef for an oceanography class? Well, now you can through a virtual reality platform. However, the question remains – is the high cost of this kind of tech worth the investment?

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The 7 Questions Every New Teacher Should Be Able To Answer

The best teachers should be able to tie their lesson plans to real-world situations, according to this article. However, teaching for the 21st century takes a lot more than adding technology to the current design of the classroom. Here are 7 questions to help prepare new teachers for the 21st world of teaching and learning.

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Education Around the World

China Funds Construction of Africa’s Largest University Library

The title of this one says it all – and it’s pretty awesome. The Chinese government has agreed to fund the entire construction of what very well may be Africa’s largest university library. Wondering where in Africa the library will be built? Go ahead and click the link to find out.

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Why Students Are Turning Away From Learning Foreign Languages

About 40% of students in Australia studied a foreign language in the 1960s. Unfortunately, that number has now dropped to around 10%. Although millions of dollars have been spent in promoting the study of foreign languages in schools, the decline continues. What are the leading reasons behind such a decrease? Read the article to learn more.

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First Two University-Based Career Centers Launched

The first university-based career centers have just opened in Morocco. These four-year career centers were funded by the United States Agency for International Development and are aiming to improve graduate unemployment. These two centers (with another one already underway) will serve as a model for other public universities in Morocco.

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