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This Week in EdTech – July 8, 2016

  • 2 Min Read

This week’s roundup includes a variety of articles from what region in the US is the best for going to college, to which elite universities have recently fallen in ranking, and how to watch out for fake university scams.

7 Ed Tech Tools To Note From ISTE 2016

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) event for this year has been described as bigger and better than ever before – and since we were there, we wholeheartedly agree. There was a lot going on, so in case you missed anything or weren’t able to attend, check out this article to learn about the coolest new tools to hit the market.

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VHS Weekly Lesson: How Would We Function Without Models

Looking for a creative way to engage your students? This online lesson is a great example of how you can take a complex subject and make it engaging and exciting to learn. Did you know every action can be modelled mathematically? Check out the full lesson to see how this online high school is making mathematics fun and easy to learn.

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Regional Differences In Higher Education: Where Is The Best Place To Go To College?

Forbes recently released an article outlining the top undergraduate colleges in the United States. However, looking at only the number of schools or the average score of each state doesn’t provide an accurate picture of which regions perform the best for higher education. According to this article, the quality of education differs greatly by region. Interested in seeing which schools and states rank the highest? Go ahead and check it out.

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6 Ways Online Students Can Save on Textbooks, Learning Materials

For a full-time student, the average cost for textbooks can be upwards of $1,200 a year. Aside from buying a house, paying for higher education might be one of the most expensive investments you make. Online students are no exception. Check out this article to learn six ways on how to make smarter choices and save.

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Education Around the World

30 Fake Universities Named & Shamed In China

Apparently setting up a bogus educational institution isn’t that difficult of a task. About 30 fake universities were brought to light recently, adding to the growing list of 400 since 2013. Authorities say these pretenders are becoming increasingly challenging to spot. Check out the full article for more details.

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Universities Face Uncertainty until EU Talks Are Held

The Brexit referendum has been the top trending news article for the past little while now, so what does this change mean for schools in the United Kingdom? According to the UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, there will be no immediate changes affecting students, staff or research funding – for now. Wider discussions need to be had before anything else can be decided and there’s a lot to consider. Read the full article to gain a deeper understanding of the issues that lie ahead for higher education in the UK.

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Elite Universities Tumble Down Teaching Excellence Ranking

This article discusses how university lecturers need to be more accountable for their teaching, rather than promoting their own brands and research. As a result, it looks like the commonly known as ‘elite’ universities have dropped in the ranks when judged on their teaching quality. Check out the article to find out which of these universities have tumbled their way down to a new ranking.

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Government Drafts Anti-Plagiarism Law For Academia

The government of New Delhi is working on a new law to stop “rampant plagiarism in academia.” This extends to both students and teachers with consequences ranging from a warning to deregistration or dismissal from service. This law will be the first of its kind and is a response to the many plagiarism charges against university vice-chancellors and teachers in the past few years.

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