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This Week in EdTech – Oct. 30, 2015

  • 2 Min Read

Welcome back to This Week in EdTech. This week we’re taking a look at the past and future of education and edtech, with new methods, new technology, and new leadership.

Marc My Words: Why I Hate LMS'

Marc Rosenberg hates the old, limiting LMSs of the past, but he sees a bright future for them as a tool if they become more flexible, have increased interoperability and upgradability.

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3 Trends in Leadership Training and Development for 2016

As Corporate L&D programs mature, organizations are looking to adopt approaches that have been typically found in K-12 and higher education, including blended learning, gamification and mobile learning.

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Can a Video Game Teach Just as Well as a Professor?

Are video games the future of education? An experiment conducted at Hult International Business School found that a video game was just as effective at teaching MBA students as a professor. The use of games in education is becoming so prevalent that New York Comic-Con even held a session on games for educators.

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What the New Canadian Government Means for Higher Education

Canada’s new Prime Minister is a former teacher who campaigned on changes to student grants and loan programs, and increasing the number of Canadians with some form of post-secondary education.

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An Open Letter to Sherry Turkle on MOOCs and Online Learning

With the recent launch of Sherry Turkle’s book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, there’s been some confusion between MOOCs and the concept of online learning. Josh Kim, Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning, sets the record straight.

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EdTech Around the World

Where Education is a ‘Feminine’ Endeavor

Jamaica is struggling with gender diversity in education, as it has traditionally been viewed as a female pursuit. But a new program is bringing grad students and academics from the U.S. to introduce young men to the idea of going to college and the opportunities it can present.

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Digitalization to Drive Asia’s Higher Education IT Spending to US$10.4bil

Recent research from IDC Government Insights highlights that the opportunities for higher education in the Asia Pacific region are rooted in personalized learning, collaborative education, and Smart Campus initiatives.

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Common Core Makes its Way to the Middle East

While Common Core is much debated in the US, it’s being adopted in the Middle East by international schools in order to be competitive with American curriculum.

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