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This Week in EdTech – Nov. 6, 2015

  • 2 Min Read

Welcome back to This Week in EdTech. As an edtech company, we obviously see the potential in technology, but we’re educators first and foremost. Here are some articles we’ve read recently about education—both online and offline.

11 Lessons About Game-based Learning and STEM Education

Gamification has become ubiquitous in modern society to increase engagement in everything from loyalty programs to energy conservation. But it turns out the problem solving skills required for gaming make it a perfect technique for STEM education.

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Are We Doing Online Education the Right Way? 8 Signs of a Strong K-12 Course

While evaluating the quality of teaching in a classroom setting is customary for education professionals, evaluating online education is less clear. These eight points can help point you in the right direction.

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College Graduates Cope with the Debt that Follows

Mark Gierach, a Solutions Engineer for D2L, says that student debt was one of the reasons he got into education. “My hope is that we can leverage technology to make education more efficient, meaningful to real world problems, and affordable.”

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What Does it Mean to be an Online Learning Leader?

A new report, “Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership,” presented last week at EDUCAUSE 2015, looks at what it will take for online education to become a respected model within higher ed institutions in the future. (Also, check out our highlights from EDU15.)

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Peer Pressure Will Help You Finish That MOOC

Are you enrolled in a MOOC right now (say, WAMOE)? You can increase your odds of completing it beyond the average 2-10%, if you work on it in a group.

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EdTech Around the World

Training India’s Millions of Unskilled Workers

ost of India’s workforce has no formal training. The government of India now aims to give people practical vocational skills and better qualifications, backed up with financial rewards for those who complete their training.

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Born Dominican, but Locked Out by Haitian Roots and Lack of ID

Refugees around the world struggle to access education due to the lack of proper identification. In the Dominican Republic, even Dominican-born children of Haitian immigrants are locked out of the education system.

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If You Had Seven Minutes to Revolutionise Teaching…

Teachmeet Ireland is bringing the unconference to primary education in Ireland. The informal conference features 2-minute or 7-minute presentations where participants share ideas and tactics for teaching at the primary level.

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