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This Week in EdTech – Nov. 20, 2015

  • 2 Min Read

This week was International Education Week, where over 100 countries participated in activities that celebrate international education. So for This Week in EdTech, we thought it would be fitting to share some of the articles we’ve read, which talk about the benefits and importance of studying abroad. Read on!

Study: U.S. Sees Increase in Number of Students from Latin America

The number of international students attending US schools from Latin America has increased, and vice versa, as students wish to gain a broader understanding of each other’s cultures and economies.

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The Netherlands: 1 in 10 Students Is International

International student numbers are increasing across Europe as well. Students not only gain a new cultural experience themselves, but also broaden the experiences of their host schools.

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International Students Document Canadian Journey through Art

A group of Canadian high school students from China created an art exhibition to document their journey, and their discovery of how international Canada is.

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Want a Job? New Research Shows Studying Abroad May Get You Hired

International education offers students the chance to experience a new culture, learning a new language, and even get a leg up on finding a job after graduation.

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Can Real Global Learning Happen Online?

Technology is enabling students to experience other cultures without ever leaving home, and helping educators teach global competency and communication skills.

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India, Russia and Eastern Europe Are Cheapest Places to Study at a Ranked University

You may not expect Eastern Europe to be a popular destination for international students. However countries like Russia, provide both affordable tuition and living expenses, while students can attend top-ranked universities and experience a new culture.

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Education Australia’s Fourth Highest Export

Top universities in Australia attract students from around the globe, greatly contributing to the country’s economy, but also exposing challenges such as a lack of housing and infrastructure to support them.

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EdTech Around the World

Four Barriers to Higher Education Regional Students Face – and How to Overcome Them

Four experts on regional education issues outline the assortment of barriers that Australia’s students face when completing post-secondary education. Blended and online learning may be an ideal solution to overcome them.

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Vocational Education to Help Boost Growth

In the Philippines, investment in vocational education could reap great rewards for both students, in terms of increased income, as well as employers in addressing the skills gap.

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