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This Week in EdTech – Nov. 13, 2015

  • 2 Min Read

Welcome back to This Week in EdTech. Each week we share some of the articles that D2L staff are reading and talking about. Read on to find out what matters to the next-gen student, how to decipher “edu-speak” (and other educational jargon), and how some kids may never again get a snow day.

A Serious Rant about Education Jargon and How It Hurts Efforts to Improve Schools

MOOCs, STEM, IDEA, PD, SIS, 1-to-1. WTH? How are you supposed to understand what’s going on in education when you don’t even understand the language being used? Check out this rant from Liz Willen, editor of the Hechinger Report, on “edu-speak”.

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An EdTech Buzzword Bingo Card

The Still confused? NPR tried to explain some of the common “edu-speak” buzzwords we’re hearing a lot of these days (bingo card not included).

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Why Personalized Learning Matters to a New Generation of College Students

Personalized learning is about educating real people, with unique backgrounds, education and experiences, rather than a one-size-fits-all “student”. Phil Hill and Michael Feldstein examine this, and a few different approaches that colleges are taking.

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The Struggle of Work-School Balance

Speaking of real people, the typical college experience isn’t what you see on TV. Many students today are juggling jobs to try and finance their degrees, but it’s putting a serious strain on their education, while reducing the chances they’ll even graduate.

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Where is L&D Heading?

Corporate learning expert, Ryan Tracey, recently spoke on the future of L&D at the Sydney eLearning and Instructional Design meetup. He collected some of the Q&A from that session on his blog.

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EdTech Around the World

UK Government Sets Out Green Paper Plans to Improve Higher Education

This new paper from the UK government includes proposals for aspects of their higher education system, ranging from tuition fees to enhancing high-quality teaching, and helping students decide what institutions to attend.

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More Arab Region Universities Offer Blended Learning

While pure online higher education programs are nearly nonexistent in the Middle East, blended programs are becoming more common as a way to offer students the convenience of online and on-campus classes together.

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What It Means to Be an Outstanding School

A recent study from Southern Cross University in Australia has outlined the 4 key elements to running an ‘outstanding’ school, where students sustainably achieve defined learning outcomes.

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