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This Week in EdTech — Competency-Based Education

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Welcome back to This Week in EdTech, our weekly roundup of what’s going on in education and edtech. The industry is abuzz about competency-based education right now and we’re pretty excited about our new offering. Here is a collection of CBE articles we’ve been reading lately.

Time Is Right for Colleges to Shift from Assembly-Line Education

Educator, author, and president of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, Arthur Levine argues that CBE is more than just a fad, it is part of a larger shift occurring in education towards the learner.

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The Online College That Credits Life Experience

The Atlantic tells the story of a mature student – married mother of 2 with a full-time job – and how CBE addresses the higher learning needs of the new student demographics in the US.

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Guidance for Competency Based Education Experimental Site Released

The US Department of Education has released their long-awaited competency-based education guidelines.

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Competency-Based Education as a New Learning Model

Recommended by Delia Couto, a Senior Solutions Engineer at D2L, this article talks about how andragogy applies to CBE. It even touches on heutagogy, at the far end of the self-directed learning spectrum.

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The Liberal Arts Have a Bright Future in Competency-Based Learning

Liberal arts programs have been taking a hit lately as higher education focuses on preparing students for the workforce. But liberal arts may still have a place in teaching students critical thinking, and CBE can still have a place.

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EdTech Around the World

Sick Students Being Left Behind…but Technology Can Help

Children who miss extended periods of school are often left at a disadvantage, both academically and socially. A new report from the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) suggests technology can be used to keep kids in these circumstances connected.

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Purpose and Capital to Bring Quality to Education

Latin America’s emerging middle class is demanding better education, attracting growth and investment in education startups and social enterprises, and even universities and technical schools.

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In Pictures: Teaching Visually Impaired Children

This gallery shows a very low-tech yet inspiring project in Senegal where visually impaired children are able to attend school.

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