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This Week in EdTech – Apr. 1, 2016

  • 2 Min Read

Welcome back to This Week in EdTech, our weekly roundup of news and articles about education and edtech. This week we’re highlighting some of the new technologies that could impact the future of education and what it means for you. Check them out!

How “Blockchain” Technology Could Influence Education

Blockchain, the technology behind virtual currency such as Bitcoin, could revolutionize education infrastructure, including the sharing and encryption of academic data.

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What Artificial Intelligence Could Mean For Education

Google recently created a computer that taught itself how to play the strategy game “Go”. Then, it beat the world’s best player. What could AI do for human education? NPR Ed takes a look.

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Making Sense of Metadata in Personalized Learning Platforms

Metadata is critical for being able to personalize learning with technology. But just what is metadata, and how do education platforms use it? Find out in this insightful primer from EdSurge.

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School Leaders Say They Need More Practical Training in Education Technology. Here’s One Way that Can Work

As teachers experiment with new tools, education technology has gained a foothold in the classroom. But school leaders often lack the training required to integrate those tools system-wide. Take a look at how these new approaches are going to change that.

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There's Skill Involved in Solving the Skill Gap

Bridging the skills gap and addressing chronic underemployment can have a positive effect on both workers and businesses. Here are three ways your organization can make a difference.

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EdTech Around the World

The Americans Who’d Benefit the Most from Online Education Have No Idea it Exists

There’s a paradox happening in online education access. A new report from the Pew Research Center found that Americans with lower education or income levels are often unaware that cheap, easy online education even exists.

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Can Technology Reshape the Future of Education?

Technology has the potential to transform education for India, whose education system is facing pressure to educate a large future workforce.

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