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Inspire Fresh Ideas with these Technology Tips for the Classroom

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Leverage the tools you already have at your disposal to engage with students

It’s that time again! Summer is over and school is back in session. Right now, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed from attending in-service and faculty meetings that establish goals for the school year. Maybe one of your goals is to engage students using technology but you aren’t sure where to start. Perhaps, you think technology integration means purchases you can’t afford. Either way, we are here to help you leverage existing resources so you can make the most out of technology in the classroom.

Most classrooms have access to productivity software with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation capabilities. Why not try to use these technologies in a new way to empower creative thinking and develop innovation?

Ideas to get started using technology in the classroom

  • The multimedia functions in presentation software can be used by students to work in groups to incorporate videos that they have made on YouTube or their phones. An example might be creating an advertising campaign with art, video, and audio and then combining these items to present to their peers.
  • Leverage additional tools in the productivity suite by having students develop a community project. Spreadsheets can be used to organize work and track expenses. Word processing software can be used to create brochures or flyers to advertise. More advanced classes might use a combination of these to create a business plan to present to local businesses to obtain resources. This is also a great way to incorporate technology and project based learning!

Social media platforms are additional resources that can be harnessed in your classroom. If you want to use social media with your students, but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few tips:

  • Facebook groups – creating a group for your class allows you to add members privately, moderate posts, and maintain control of your page. This is a great resource to conduct a book club, continue a discussion on a topic of study, post videos, photos, and so much more.
  • Twitter feeds – using hashtags, you can create a topical Twitter feed, post class reminders, and provide up to date information.
  • Instagram showcase – feature a student of the month, display artwork or start a scavenger hunt using photos.

For those of you currently using a Learning Management System (LMS) in your classrooms, these tips can be incorporated directly into the platform as well. For example, have a social media feed front and center on your class page when students log into your class.

As the school year unfolds, I’ll continue to post ideas, so stay tuned for more and be sure to follow D2L on Twitter and Facebook.

Interested in learning more about integrating technology in the classroom? Let’s Talk!

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