Infographic: The new traditional learner and how colleges can support them Middle East & Africa
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Infographic: 5 Demands of the “New Traditional” Learner in Online Learning

  • 3 Min Read

Here's what online institutions and community colleges need to understand about their students.

Adult learners and those seeking an online or blended education have specific needs and expectations that are best handled by a learning management system. In this infographic, get a quick look into the top demands of the “new traditional” learner.

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Infographic: 5 demands of the new traditional learner


Skills and complexities of jobs are increasing, which in turn is encouraging fully online, blended, and traditional higher education institutions to provide education and training in a way that puts the student at the center. Learners who are working adults, care for families, are time-strapped, facing economic challenges, and may have achievements and skills that need to be recognized, require a new and more flexible approach to their online education. Here are 5 areas that learners need and demand in their online learning experience.

Lifelong learning. Continuous skill development for new jobs, but also to help the student continue on their preferred career and life path.
Accessible anywhere. 24/7 learning that is accessible and available anywhere to remove physical barriers to education, but on any cost-effective device.
Digital environments. Online tools, social media, and video are already part of learners’ personal lives, and they expect it in education.
Practical. Learning is contextualized, relevant, and aligned with meaningful outcomes to ensure that they’re getting the most from their investment.
Personalized. Learning experiences embrace individual preferences, backgrounds and expression. Resources and advice arrive at the right time, according to their education and career goals.

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