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How an LMS Addresses the Need for Better Professional Development

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Discover the power of an LMS specifically designed to support continuous learning and training

There have been some exciting new advances in technology designed to support and enhance professional development programs in higher education. Institutions currently employing a sophisticated LMS (learning management system) to enable next generation learning for students, faculty, and advisors are now taking advantage of the power of the LMS to help supercharge professional development and training initiatives. By extending and leveraging the functionality of their LMS, institutions can see returns on their investment in terms of reporting efficiencies and higher levels of learner engagement, as they push the boundaries of how continuous learning can be delivered. Here are a few of the ways that institutions can benefit from using an LMS to drive professional development programs by saving resources, budget, and time.

Driving engagement with professional development content

Educators are busy people. They appreciate the flexibility and the ability to access professional development on a schedule that best suits them. They prefer a system that isn’t simply a one-size-fits all approach, with an eye towards personalized learning. A cloud-based LMS enables ongoing continuous learning, which ultimately helps to drive learner engagement. Learners can access content and learning activities from anywhere on their mobile devices. Communication is supported to allow educators to connect with peers across district lines, classrooms, and borders. Educators can even create their own material to share with peers around the world. An LMS offers a rich learning experience to faculty who are provided the ability to:

  • Self-publish material
  • Connect to peer expertise and collective wisdom
  • Receive rewards such as badges in a fun, game-based learning experience
  • Access video and social content
  • Demonstrate evidence of informal learning (watching videos, taking part in social groups)

The benefits of a single LMS

By extending the value of your existing LMS to include professional development, there are many opportunities for improved efficiencies that can have a major impact on the bottom line. For example, training time is reduced since educators are already familiar with the LMS they are currently using in the classroom. As well, educators who experience learning through their institution’s LMS develop a deeper sense of empathy towards what their students will be facing in the classroom. This saves valuable class time for students and professors alike. For example, tech-ready teachers are better equipped to help students who might be non-tech-savvy to learn how to use the system.

Educators can immediately translate their knowledge into practice, which helps speed up the process for improving their own course content and teaching methodology. They can apply what they’re learning and how they are learning it to their students, which can enhance teaching effectiveness and serves to improve student outcomes and success.

The power of an advisor / manager dashboard

The LMS can help advisors and administrators deliver an incredibly efficient professional development program. From a dashboard, it’s easy to organize and assign training and learning to faculty and staff. Through the assignment of attributes, groups, and memberships, advisors can easily tag users as required and have content and learning paths assigned to them. This helps institutions to maintain quality of:

  • Training
  • Compliance
  • Academic standards
  • Rules and regulations adherence

The dashboard gives a birds-eye view of all users to provide insight into levels of engagement and adoption of the system and professional development content. It reveals who’s done training and who hasn’t. Advisors can efficiently ensure that training and learning is occurring to meet with departmental objectives, outcomes are defined, are being measured and being achieved.

Our passion is in developing technology that enriches the learning experience to reach every learner. And we believe that this should also include faculty and staff. Contact us to learn more about how D2L is leading the way for professional development technology in higher education. And also, check out this post to learn more about how to use student data to predict behavior.

“Dream Center is excited by the functionality in the Manager Dashboard for Brightspace to be able to manage staff and monitor progress, while offering a truly personalized learning experience. By extending the value of the Brightspace LMS to include professional development, we anticipate better staff engagement and increased retention.”
Masai Turner, Vice President, Learning and Development at Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC

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