How IT Departments Can Empower Modern Workplace Learning Middle East & Africa
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How IT Departments Can Empower Modern Workplace Learning

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IT can bridge the gap between running a business in a digital world and the learning needs of a changing workforce.

These days, IT departments, across all industries, have an increasingly important role to play when it comes to empowering modern workplace learning.

Digital disruption and generational turnover are driving rapid and unprecedented change in the world of work. Today’s organizations are increasingly having to contend with future-proofing their workforces. By 2020, thanks to the increasing integration of technologies like AI and automation into the labor market, more than a third of the desired core skill sets of most occupations will comprise of skills that weren’t considered crucial to the job in 2016. They’re also having to address growing leadership and knowledge gaps resulting from retiring boomers.  Young, tech-savvy millennials have become the largest generation in the workforce and Gen Z is knocking on the door. To adapt, employers need to embrace more modern, agile learning solutions if they’re to effectively outfit employees with the skills they need to keep up with a transforming world of work while developing younger workers into the leaders of tomorrow.

Generational turnover in the labor market has also resulted in new expectations when it comes to workplace learning, including a growing desire for more modern learning experiences and next-gen learning tools. Modern workplace learning is quickly becoming a competitive advantage for companies competing to attract and retain talent amongst younger, more digitally inclined workers, an increasingly prevalent workplace cohort that looks at learning and development as a top benefit when assessing employment opportunities. They’re prone to job-hopping—21% have changed jobs within the past year, in fact, and that comes with a hefty price tag of $30.5 billion annually in the U.S.

By helping to empower modern workplace learning by leveraging next-gen learning tools to maximum effect, IT departments can bridge the gap between the realities of running an effective business in an increasingly digital world and the learning needs of a generationally changing workforce. In short, IT departments are in a prime position to help their organizations use modern workplace learning to adapt today so they can succeed tomorrow.

5 key ways IT can empower modern workplace learning

By helping to effectively implement a next-gen learning experience platform that makes it easy to engage employees and keep their skills up to date, IT departments can help their organizations leverage modern learning to maintain a competitive edge while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Here are five modern learning methods that IT departments can maximize using a next-gen learning platform to empower workplace learning.

1. Personalized learning pathways to help develop future leaders

IT can help ensure that organizations spend less time on training and more on supporting employee career development by working with a next-gen learning platform to create personalized learning paths that focus on key competencies essential to an individual’s role. They can also help to empower employees to custom curate content to further personalize their learning.

2. Collaborative learning with social assessment™

IT can provide a highly visual and engaging medium for learning that’s familiar to today’s employees by helping to effectively deploy virtual collaboration tools, video, and discussion boards across the organization. Together, these tools can be used for social assessment™, a modern framework for feedback, that connects employees to subject matter experts across multiple business units and at all levels of the corporate hierarchy, regardless of location, to encourage iterative improvement of performance. Check out this video on how to use video for social assessment.

3. A central location where content is easily and quickly created

Another way that IT departments can make learning easy and accessible for employees is by working with a next-gen learning experience platform to set up a central content repository and tools that instructors can use to create, curate, and deliver engaging content with a fully open API and HML5 editor.

4. Device agnostic anytime, anywhere access

IT can optimize the workforce and reach their workers where they are, with the same look and feel they get from their consumer-grade experiences, no matter what device they are using with a responsive design mobile platform.

5. Results-driven formal and informal learning

IT can track employee adoption of formal and bite-sized learning programs, achievements to identify learning gaps and ensure their organization is getting the most out of their modern learning experience platform.


By maximizing the potential of these modern learning tools by way of a next-gen learning platform, IT departments can empower organizations to not only attract and retain the right talent, but also better support employees’ career development, and train the leaders of tomorrow today, all while driving business success forward into the future.

Read our whitepaper to learn more about how IT can empower workplace learning


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