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A few reasons why institutions choose Brightspace

Are you deciding what the best VLE for your institution’s needs is? You may feel like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place with so many options in the market. What you can expect when moving to the Brightspace platform:

1. Get transparent pricing

Get clear pricing, easy-to-understand contracts and flexible options that work for you. No strings attached.

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2. Avoid angry calls from unsatisfied academic staff and students

Give your academics and students a best-in-class experience. Brightspace is an award-winning, feature-rich solution that supports different pedagogical approaches and inclusive learning. With Brightspace, academics and students have the tools they expect—and more.

See the currently available features here

3. Skip a difficult migration with a ton of rebuilding

Brightspace has course migration tools that were created specifically for customers moving from other VLE solutions. We also have a team of experts to help you every step of the way and make sure you are successful. And once you’re a Brightspace customer, you don’t have to worry about painful upgrades. We have a history of successfully transitioning our clients to the cloud and new user interface with minimal disruption.

Click here to learn 5 easy steps to help you plan a course migration

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4. Escape from broken promises and undelivered roadmaps

You’ve experienced years of broken promises and undelivered roadmaps. At D2L, we’re committed to customer satisfaction. We have a proven track record of delivering constant innovation—every month. Brightspace is built with customer feedback and continually enhanced with thousands of design sessions with students and lecturers. Whether it’s the best mobile experience or industry-leading uptime, we’re focused on delivering you the best experience today and into the future.

Click here to learn how the University of Suffolk connected students, tutors and employers using Brightspace

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5. Trust in reliable technology

Brightspace is built on the most modern cloud software architecture in our industry. This architecture contributes to consistently delivering 99.9% uptime, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

Discover how the University of Huddersfield empowering students with independent learning here

6. Future Proof your Strategy with the Right Partner

As an education company and partner to educators around the world, D2L has navigated and sought to capitalise on the rate of change all around us. Throughout, we have held our resolve on key values. Read more here

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Switching to a new VLE is an Opportunity to Evolve featured image
Switching to a new VLE is an Opportunity to Evolve 32


After 17 years, Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands needed VLE software that could take their higher education institution into the future. Their approach to Change Management gave instructors and students the opportunity to really have a say in what they wanted from education technology, and it worked. Learn about how Delft University used a higher education learning management system to transform their education. Video Transcript Speaking: Timo Kos - Director LDE Centre for Education and Learning, Delft University of Technology "We had to take a decision on replacing our learning environment which we had for seventeen years last year, and we thought it was a great moment to take the next step in acquiring a learning environment which would help us through the next decade." "D2L was very helpful in the way we approached the project and really advised us on how to shape it and how to implement and migrate the courses to make sure that we didn’t make any errors and that our approach made sense. D2L advised us to not go overboard in the first year and really made sure that both instructors and students would get used to Brightspace before moving onto the more advanced features. D2L was very clearly focused on education, so the way we work with them was very helpful in making sure that what we wanted for our educational goals they really understood that and helped us think through our implementation and migration strategy with the primary focus on education and not on the idea aspect of a project like this." "So we set up a whole change program where teachers and students were involved in advisory boards, and I think this was really helping us rolling out this new learning environment and getting a lot of people enthusiastic about it, and they are really enthusiastic about it. So for every department, every school, every program, we wanted to have a similar learning experience, and it really helped also to get people on board in accepting the new environment." "It also meant that we involved a lot of teachers and a lot of students, but also support staff in implementing Brightspace. A lot of people also took ownership of the project and took ownership of the idea that you know we all have to make it into a success including teachers, that was I think one of the big strengths of the way we approached the way we did it." In the core, this is not an IT project, it’s about education it’s about evolving education and involving teachers and students and to really make them work together in this learning environment.  

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