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Skills Development Beyond Just Content Consumption

Skills development goes beyond watching a video or clicking through slides. That knowledge needs to be applied on-the-job with meaningful feedback provided, enabling learners to master their skills and drive real business results. Knowledge + Experience + Feedback = Skills that Drive Results.

Unlock the knowledge of your organisation

Learn more about unlocking the knowledge of your organisation

Provide meaningful feedback to hone skills

Learn more about providing meaningful feedback to hone skills

Leverage data to optimise the learning experience

Learn more about leveraging data to optimise the learning experience

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Unlock the knowledge of your organisation

Turn your company’s siloed tribal knowledge into core skills for your workforce. With Brightspace, subject matter experts can easily create their own content, and share learning experiences with others.

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Turn knowledge into skills

Skill-building isn’t simply checking a box once a course is complete. You need to create learning activities for learners to practice and demonstrate mastery. From video assignments, to role-plays through simulations, to game-based learning, to capturing retrospectives on actual projects—Brightspace makes it all easy.

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Provide meaningful feedback to hone skills

The best way for learners to master a new skill is getting timely and meaningful feedback in the moment. Brightspace makes it easy for peers, trainers and experts alike to provide personal feedback using video, audio and inline annotations. Plus, keep people on track for success by automatically sending the right nudge at the right time.

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Leverage data to optimise the learning experience

Put data in the hands of your L&D professionals to improve learning and business outcomes. Built-in analytics help you track and act on engagement and performance, so you can make better decisions about training and development. Brightspace gives you the experience of working with one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Data Analytics!

Improved talent attraction and retention

Provide an engaging and immersive learning platform for your employees.

Learn more about improving talent attraction and retention.