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Get in the game

Engaged learners are motivated to succeed. The Course Adventure Pack makes it easy to create content that learners won’t want to leave. By integrating game-based learning, storytelling, interactive assessment and awards leaderboard elements into your courses and training material, you can help improve learner engagement, retention, achievement and outcomes.

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Game-based learning tool

Create a fun, immersive learning environment. Integrated into the Brightspace platform, this user-friendly gaming framework enables the creation of a highly interactive learning experience with no programming experience required.

More motivation. Unlocking of content based on scores and achievements allows learners to proceed at their own pace.

Better results. Learners work toward an outcome by choosing their actions and experiencing the results. The risk-free setting encourages them to experiment and explore and provides opportunities for repetition to improve learning.

Story builder tool

Bring your content to life. Choose from an extensive library
of characters and backgrounds, or create your own, to involve learners in an educational narrative.

Immersive learning. Adding interactive audio and visual communication elements to your courses and training materials
is a fun and different approach to explain content, personify situations and assess decision making.

Lasting impact. Storytelling is likely to resonate with learners, helping to increase engagement and improve retention.

Interactive Assessment Tools

Target your learning objectives. Take your pick of quizzing templates to create engaging and accessible interactive assessments to formally track a learner’s progress to ensure
they meet their goals.

Active participation. Allowing learners to apply their newly developed knowledge and skills on the spot with fun, interactive assessments that take learning to a whole new level.

Immediate feedback. Providing learners with real-time, targeted feedback enhances the effectiveness of learning, helping to master objectives and experience lasting outcomes.

Awards leaderboard

Advance your course engagement. Energize your homepage with an easy to use, customized leaderboard to provide learners with instant updates on course achievements.

Stimulate learning. Dynamic visuals create a fun, competitive environment that inspires learners to continue their learning to collect awards.

Track progress. Reward learner advancement using concepts such as points and badges that can be tracked on the leaderboard for all to see.

Learning Experience Design Expertise

Time well spent. Make the most of your investment by spending a day with a Learning and Creative Services Instructional Designer. Our consultative approach will spark creativity as you learn about gamification best practices and collaborate on how to apply the Course Adventure Pack tools to transform the learning experience.