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Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands share their experience of why D2L and Brightspace proved to be the best partner to provide them with their new learning environment!

Video Transcript

TU Delft University in the Netherlands is one of the world’s leading higher education institutions in engineering and technology. They support 22,000 students across 3,000 different courses.

Speaking: Erna KotKamp – Project Manager Collaboration and Learning Environment, Delft University of Technology

“D2L really showed that they understood what our long-term goals were in terms of our educational practices. In the tender procedure, they really convinced us that they were the best partner for us both as a partner in reaching those goals as well as the platform Brightspace that they offer us.”

Crafting the perfect partnership

“But the implementation, the partnership really took shape. We talked to each other and were really trying to solve issues together and they’ve been extremely helpful in making sure that we actually have the platform that we would like to offer our staff and students.”

Collaborating to create a customised platform

“What’s been really great with working with D2L is they really get what we’re trying to do. They really like to think it through with us, help us, give us suggestions on what other possibilities are out there. The way the platform is being tailored to specific needs for online teaching and learning, that for TU Delft is very important. Learning analytics, predictive analytics, things like that really is what makes Brightspace very suitable for us.”

Using intuitive mobile design to drive global accessibility

“We have a lot of students that go abroad for their internship and they still need their educational material and there’s a very easy button in Brightspace that says, you know, download it for offline use and you know it’s there it’s extremely beneficial for us.”

Collaborating to create the best solution

“We also feedback to D2L from a European perspective might be important to implement in Brightspace.”

Categories: Customer Success, Personalized Learning