[Video] Out with the old, in with the new at Saint Leo University | D2L Europe
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See how Saint Leo University in the United States is creating a unique learning experience for its students.

Video Transcript

Speaking: Jeff Borden, Chief Innovation Officer –  Saint Leo University, Florida, USA

“Saint Leo University is just North of Tampa, Florida, for the university campus. But we have centres all over the country. We also have online students all over the world. So with about 16,000 students, we’ve got a healthy mix of modality. Our desire at Saint Leo is to really create immersive, personalised, adaptive learning at scale. Our learning management system was being put to bed – it was going away. Saint Leo wanted to use this moment in time as an opportunity, we were trying to be very, very opportunistic about creating this learning ecosystem, and so we did a full-scale search which included piloting a couple of different systems.”

“We took their technologists, locked them in a room, gave them some sugar and caffeine, and said, “we want one system, one experience. We want our students to not know that they’ve gone from system X to system Y, and the cornerstone of that learning experience really is Brightspace. Because our other system was going away and hadn’t been supported for so long, we were instantly upgrading from a 2002 Cadilac to a 2016 Lexus. “

“Brightspace really worked for Saint Leo because of a couple of things. Content management was one. We’re a school that does really have a lot of accreditation requirements put on us, because of how many adjuncts we have, we have different modalities with centres and online students, so we need to have a very consistent feel to our courses. Most of the other systems that we looked at prohibited us from being able to lock down parts of the course that really have to be there in order for us to stay accredited. In addition, the API story was extremely important to us. We are building a learning system of five different platforms, we felt the API would give us much richer experiences for our students. We think we will be able to create a kind of learning environment that students won’t get in most other places, and we came to the conclusion that Brightspace was the best system for our university and for our students’ needs.

Categories: Adaptive Learning, Customer Success, Integrations & Extensibility, Online Learning, Personalized Learning