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Wageningen University in the Netherlands is always on the lookout for innovative ways to enable students to achieve their full potential. To complement its traditional teaching methods, the university deployed D2L’s Brightspace platform which is a higher education LMS that helps to enable teachers to build compelling, interactive learning experiences that drive student engagement and success.

Video Transcript

Speaking: Sara Panis, Instructional Designer from Wageningen University in the Netherlands

We moved to Brightspace because we saw a few functionalities that we think are great to have, one such tool is the bulk edit function which allows you to make adjustments on one page for all of your assignments or for all your content. This helps the teachers because in previous tools they had to click more and every time they had to click on each assignment to change the due date or description, so I guess these small functionalities that make their life easier is one thing that helps us sell Brightspace and make them use Brightspace and be positive about the change.

We offer a lot of support in the first year, we started with a short pilot and we went live with only 50 courses in the first two month period. From there we moved all courses to Brightspace. Brightspace is very intuitive, especially for the younger people, so they easily find their way around and it’s also more modern, it looks fresh. The first thing we do is we build our context and our relationship with the teachers. We first give them basic training on how they can build a course themselves, and what functionalities might fit their needs. We want to improve their way of interacting with the students by using different tools that Brightspace offers.

The students can check if they have completed something, so if they’ve read an article or made a quiz or whatever there are checkboxes, and they can check off how far they are in their course and they can monitor that in their own personal progress: ‘did I go through all the material that I need to do before my exam?’. We have students hired that are building actual courses for the teachers, and these students keep on highlighting how important it is to build it in such a way that they, the students, can check off what they’ve been doing.

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