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In this short video, the CEO and COO at Agricolleges International walk you through how they managed to bring agriculture in the rural area of Africa.

With Agriculture being a hands-on skills-based profession, it was essential to find elearning technology that would make this course both easy to follow and engaging for students and professors. Brightspace offered great applicability into the rural market and as a result, Agricollege International has been providing their students with an excellent level of education.


Video Transcript

Speaking: Howard Blight – CEO Agricolleges International, South Africa

“My name is Howard Blight, I’m the founder and appointed CEO of Agricolleges International. I have a history in education, I started with the farm school here 38 years ago. There are perhaps 50 million students coming out of school in Africa every year, and only placement for 5 million at tertiary institutions.”

Speaking: Wynand Espach – COO Agricolleges International, South Africa

“Our biggest aim when we started the whole project was to bring agriculture to rural Africa, we realised that we have got to then find a way to take agriculture to them and of course agriculture is such a hands-on skills-based profession that it’s not easy, so we had to go and look for ways that we could make it easier through various technology methods to take it to the students and that’s where and we started investigating platforms, apps that we could use. Brightspace was the one that stood out for us because of its applicability into the rural market. “

Speaking: Howard Blight

Cloud-based education allows people across the board from wherever at any time to access probably the most important industry on the face of our globe today and that’s agriculture and all its affiliate industries. We realised from the beginning that we need to offer our students a level of educational excellence and that surpasses anything else in the world. Eventually, we chose Brightspace because of its accessibility, the student’s accessibility, the coursework, the ease of use of the platform, and the ability for the instructional designers to take our word document, do the instructional design, and then put it onto the coursework onto the platform of D2L. Works so well for us and its ease of use and accessibility to the coursework.”

Speaking: Wynand Espach

“Once they’ve started using the platform, we see that they’re flying and its a challenge to get them started but once they started we really see that it’s so easy and accessible that they can easily use it.”

Speaking: Howard Blight

“With the encouragement from D2L in their ability to present those courses right through up to an NQF7 level, we have an extraordinary world-first here and we are offering a level of excellence unparalleled anywhere. Well, our relationship with D2L has worked, it will continue to work, and so we applaud their patience and coming on this journey with us it’s a great experience and it’s leaving students with an immense sense of confidence that what they’re leaning on the platform through D2L is powerful. So, great expectations the world is our oyster and we’re excited to be on that journey with an organisation like Brightspace.”

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