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More than ever, learners and instructors expect an experience that is built for them, saves time, and eliminates roadblocks. Personalised learning and an engaging experience are both key to helping instructors reach every learner. Summer17 offers new abilities in Brightspace that enable administrators, instructors, and learners—in schools, higher education, and beyond—to have their LMS do the tedious tasks for them so that they can get more done.


Summer17 Webinar

Join our product experts for an overview of the new features in the Summer17 release.

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A new content experience with Brightspace Lessons

Brightspace Lessons helps teachers create an amazing blended learning experience using content from publishers, schools, Open Educational Resources (OER), or their own materials. The drag-and-drop features make it easy for teachers to add, change, and arrange content. Suggested pacing helps them to see how the materials fall into their class calendar so they can adjust where necessary. Lessons also provides useful visualisations to see how a course’s content aligns to standards. Teachers can map their own custom content with just a few clicks. Brightspace makes setting up lessons for a classroom easier, faster, and more intuitive.

Stay connected to your learners with activity feed

The activity feed in Brightspace is easy to use and set up. It provides a social hub on the course home page for teachers to communicate easily with students about reminders, upcoming assignments, new content, or discussions in an engaging way to keep all their students on track. Teachers also benefit from simple integration with Google Drive™ online storage service and the ability to easily link to the YouTube™ video community, other videos, their favorite sites, and more.

Make better decisions with data sets

Brightspace already provides rich visualisations of learner data, but organisations may want additional access to their data for analysis or research. Now, with Summer17 you get both, with access to over 50 category-based data sets. With new data access, organisations can combine and analyse data sets to answer specific questions around adoption, engagement, achievement and more. All this data empowers institutions with the information they need to make better decisions.

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More ways to be efficient

Summer17 offers streamlined ways to accomplish common tasks quickly.

For the past year you’ve been seeing improvements to quizzing. With Summer17, it’s even faster to create a quiz in Brightspace. Shuffling the order of quiz questions is a great way to discourage cheating and now it’s as easy as clicking a button. Previously, this took as many as 17 clicks: now, it can be done with only one. With easier pasting, instructors can save setup time by copying and pasting from other sources, such as Microsoft Word, and even retain formatting and images when creating a quiz. The accessibility checker in the HTML editor makes it easy to see which areas of your content need improvement and helps you make those changes.

Watch a demo of shuffling the order of questions in a quiz

Watch a demo of the accessibility checker

Enhance the learning experience for employees

With the manager dashboard*, managers can save time by easily managing course enrollment and tracking course completion for teams, organisational groups, and individual users. They can create and manage groups based on flexible attributes such as team, sales region, hire date, or other custom attributes. The reporting structure can be stored using attributes, and group assignments can be automated to reflect these reporting hierarchies with direct reports automatically appearing in a manager’s dashboard. Managers can create dynamic groups using attributes and automatically assign courses – making it easy to ensure that the right people are getting the right learning content. Activities such as onboarding new hires, skills development and coaching, and leadership development have never been so easy to manage.


Easily connect your Student Information System (SIS)

Easily connect your Student Information System (SIS)

A new plug and play interface for SIS Integrations makes it drastically easier to hook up your Student Information System. With an intuitive interface, you’ll be able to get up and running quickly with the fast and straightforward interface. New support for OneRoster®* gives you another option for your SIS, and coming in August, we’ll have support for Ellucian.

*Support for OneRoster® not currently available in Singapore or Canada

More flexibility for learners to access content

The Pulse app keeps learners connected with what’s new and what’s happening in their courses, and gives them the ability to connect to their content to make it convenient for them to do their work. Offline access allows them to download content so that they can stay productive even when they don’t have reception.

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