This Week in EdTech: How Colleges are Using the Internet of Things

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This week we look at three ways colleges are exploring IoT tech, and how CLOs are leveraging machine learning.

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3 Ways Colleges Are Utilizing the Internet of Things

From slow cookers to vending machines, these days anything can be connected to the internet. It’s the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and, with demand for more connected devices increasing, this article looks at how colleges are exploring and implementing IoT technology.

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Ready or Not, the Future is Now

Read on to learn about how machine learning is changing the way organizations curate content and manage learners, and whether CLOs are using its full capabilities.

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Why My Students are Real World-Ready with Nothing but a Device

One teacher has helped his fourth and fifth graders to thrive in a paperless, real-world classroom that uses only an iPad, software and the internet. Here’s how.

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Study: Big Data Helps Struggling College Students Graduate

This article looks at how Georgia State University is using student data to identify and assist at-risk students.

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Mom, Can You Pleeeease Record Me?

Here are seven high-impact ways to use video recording in the classroom.

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