This Week in EdTech: The Buzz About VR

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This week we look at perspectives on VR in the classroom and the importance of digital literacy in the workplace.

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Teachers Explain Why VR is More Than Just a Buzzword

Virtual reality has plenty of potential when it comes to engaging students. This article looks at the perks of VR in the classroom from the perspective of some early adopters.

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Why Digital Literacy is on the Rise

Digital literacy is increasingly being considered as a cornerstone of training in the 21st century workplace. Read on to find out why and what flipped classrooms have got to do with it.

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Supporting Interactive Instruction with Quality Feedback

Providing high-quality feedback can be a challenge when it comes to online instruction, whether it’s lecture-based, flipped or blended. Here’s how you can do it right.

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3 Ways to Leverage Technology to Help Non-Traditional Students

From adaptive tech to app-based communities, technology can be a great tool for older learners if it’s used properly.

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6 Strategies to Create Digital Learning Success

Digital learning can be an affordable strategy for developing more robust workforce and leadership capabilities. All it needs is the right planning.

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