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Lessons in blended learning: Lakeview Middle School “flips” out

  • 4 Min Read

In celebration of Digital Learning Day, we’re proud to share insights from the Brightspace community that can help provide young students with a truly personalized learning experience.

Technology is propelling the blended learning movement forward and redefining how teachers teach. The “flipped classroom” model is one great example of how many educators have started using technology to enhance instruction.

“Flipping” a classroom means moving the traditional methods of teaching online to replace customary homework and focusing on activities and applications during face-to-face time in class.  When Park Hill School District adopted the Brightspace platform, teacher Vanessa Prindle of Lakeview Middle School started exploring the concept.

Park Hill’s FLiP initiative
Prindle’s class is part of the Future Learner Project (FLiP) initiative that Park Hill School District began in 2012, which involves one-to-one computing and technology integration. Prindle wanted to incorporate technology into her daily classroom as much as possible while also maintaining hands-on experiences. She shared that she “takes things that, in the past, might have been done with paper and pencil and incorporates different types of technology into accomplishing those tasks.”

The classroom experience has since been extended to the home. Students receive some instruction outside of the classroom, which allows for more hands-on, project-based learning to take place during class time. “I’m taking my instructions, my lectures that I do in the classroom, and putting those on videos, putting those in way that students can access them at home,” Prindle explained.

The role of Brightspace

Brightspace is now part of the daily learning experience in her classroom.  Students access important information from the learning environment’s course home page.  Prindle posts the day’s agenda and has a resource space to share links to videos, websites, and other content that might benefit students.  She shared that she “absolutely loves that the kids know they are going to come in, log into Brightspace, and see everything that they’ll be able to accomplish that day!”

How students are responding

One student, Maya, likes using Brightspace in her daily classroom experience. She enjoys knowing that when she walks into class, information is readily available so that she can quickly begin learning and doing what’s necessary for class.  Maya also said that she enjoys using Brightspace because it’s “easy to use because of how organized it is.” Ease of use is key to engaging students in the classroom—her teacher echoes that idea too.

Leveraging innovative tools to take teaching and learning to the next level is what good technology integration is all about.  Enhancing the experience and extending what’s happening in the classroom can help improve learning for all.  Prindle states it perfectly: “I think that it is more motivating for students and it’s exciting for me to have new technologies that you can offer to students and to improve your teaching.”

We look forward to following the journey of this district and its students as they continue to innovate and inspire in the classroom. Stay tuned for more posts about technology working in the classrooms of Park Hill!

For more tips and tricks on how to introduce blended learning into the classroom, watch this webinar.

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