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How Technology Enhances Both the Classroom and Online Learning Experience

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On Tuesday, April 12 @ 2pm (CST), check out the co-sponsored webinar on YouBthere for student engagement.

How should an educational institution best address their student engagement needs for today’s blended learning students to assure successful student outcomes? A growing number of students today in higher ed are having a blended learning experience with 73% of teachers saying they are using a blended model. Next generation education technology such as a virtual learning environment (VLE) have been instrumental in helping students access course content and are designed to align with blended learning methodologies. But it is now possible to extend the value of your VLE by including highly integrated solutions to assist in delivering a more engaging experience, regardless of the learning environment.

Upgrade your lessons in the classroom

Using a student engagement software application in the classroom gives teachers the ability to have real-time insight into the way students are absorbing and interacting with course material. Consider the benefits of being able to conduct a live poll or live interactive Q&A to gather opinions and data from students. Students can communicate over discussion boards, built around a specific lecture or topic. And all these interactions can be captured, reviewed, responded to, and stored for future use by students and teachers alike. In a blended learning environment, students can then take their class time experience and extend it into their online experience.

Enhancing the synchronised on-line learning experience

A skilled teacher knows how to create a lecture that is interactive and engaging. The same is true when they are tasked with reproducing their lectures in a synchronised on-line environment. With the right technology, educators can directly upload digital materials and have them instantly shared with their class. Students can then respond in real-time to course content, questions from their teacher, or take part in peer discussions. Essentially, the blended learning experience emulates social media tools, which is perfectly aligned with the behaviour of today’s modern student within higher education.

Blended learning in an asynchronous environment

Self-pacing is the hallmark of asynchronous blended learning programs. Students never have to miss out on discussions, a newly added piece of course material, or feedback from their teachers. They can take notes and reflections that can be stored for later. This makes it immensely easier for students to organise their study materials and to better prepare for exams. These are just a few of the benefits received from a fully integrated student engagement software application within a VLE.

Join us for an upcoming co-sponsored webinar entitled, “YouBthere: A Single-source Student Engagement Solution for All Learning Environments” on Tuesday, April 12 @ 2pm CST. You’ll see firsthand how these tools can add value to your course offerings and drive student engagement. In addition, you’ll encounter first-time ever features such as measuring comprehension in real-time without any prior setup requirements to help deliver a more engaging and enhanced learning experience.

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