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How can you meet all learner needs in the workplace?

  • 4 Min Read

Join us at Learning Technologies to find out

Corporate learning used to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach but most organisations now recognise that its training programmes can deliver much more. Technology-enabled learning gives learning and development (L&D) teams scope to tailor and customise learning pathways to suit the organisation, specific groups and even individuals. What’s more, digital learning can help achieve objectives around usability and accessibility and provide flexible, convenient access to learning materials from a range of devices, wherever learners are located.

Adaptability is the cornerstone of modern-day workplace training and this trend is only set to gather pace as analytics and machine learning support ever more sophisticated approaches to customisation.

We’re looking forward to discussing how these developments in digital learning solutions can benefit corporations at the upcoming Learning Technologies (13-14 February, Excel, London). We also expect to hear of the L&D challenges that enterprises will be tackling in 2019 and take part in discussions on how technology-enabled learning solutions can help equip their teams to meet them.

Learning management systems now have the tools to deliver training that can scale as training needs grow, but that still provide the individual attention of a personalised learning pathway. Global healthcare knowledge provider BMJ recently undertook an overhaul of its learning environment to meet the diverse needs of its customers and academics around the globe.

To find out more about how other organisations are digitally transforming their business, come to our session on How to Deliver Digital Transformation for External Customers at Learning Technologies Theater 2 on February 13th, 2 pm.


Mobile and gamified: engaging and familiar

Learning that is mobile, interactive and that makes use of multiple formats, including video and techniques used in gaming, can successfully engage teams of learners with a range of learning styles. When learning platforms tap into the look and feel popularised by the online platforms we all use day-to-day, such as streaming services and social media, they have a familiarity to users and are better placed to engage them than static content, which is generally heavy on text and low on interactivity.

How easy the learning platforms are to use is likely to become even more important in the future as enterprises increasingly recognise that skills lifecycles are shortening. As new skills need to be learnt, and existing ones updated, on an even more frequent basis, usability becomes paramount not just for learners but also administrators, L&D professionals and subject matter experts developing courses.

Technology will continue to evolve the way we do things, and this will contribute to the need for continuous learning, to grow and expand businesses and to sustain existing business models. For organisations to remain relevant and competitive, they will need ongoing skills development.


Meeting the need for soft skills

While technical and job-specific skills must be continually refreshed, training programmes cannot afford to neglect soft skills.

Developing effective leaders and building high-performing teams can be an even greater challenge when faced with dispersed teams and mobile working. When teams spend less time together, communication and people skills can suffer.

L&D programmes need to be designed around an understanding of which skills and employee attributes are important to the organisation. By building these skills in the workforce, talented employees can progress within the organisation, high-performing teams will develop, and the business will be better placed to realise its goals.

We hope you can join one of our sessions at our stand (C52) to discuss how the Brightspace from D2L platform can help your organisation meet all your learner needs in the workplace:


D2L Booth Programme

Wednesday 13th

Thursday 14th

11h – Creating an Engaging Learning Experience 11h – Empowering Subject Matter Experts to Build Courses
12h – Introduction to Brightspace 12h – Introduction to Brightspace
15h – Learning Analytics that Go Beyond Compliance 15h – Valentine’s Special: Love your LMS

We are looking forward to exploring the latest developments in learning at Learning Technologies!

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