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Financial Services L&D Innovations: Modern Learning and Sales Recruitment

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In the financial services sector, learning and development professionals often find themselves balancing competing priorities. Mandatory compliance training, which accounts for about a quarter of learning, is crucial. But there’s also the need to create professional development pathways to help employees advance, something that can have real business impacts. 94% of employees surveyed said they’d stay with a company longer if it invests in their career development.

This is why it’s important for L&D professionals to take ownership of their programs and create innovative employee experiences that bring modern learning to the forefront. The key takeaway question: How do we disrupt ourselves before we are disrupted by others?

Find out why your financial services firm needs to move to modern learning.

How a leading financial investment firm leveraged modern learning to disrupt sales recruitment

Do you find yourself wondering how to upskill your employees and build a strong pipeline of internal candidates for promotion in your organisation? Danny, a senior product and education manager at a leading North American financial investment firm, created disruption within her firm by leveraging Brightspace to upgrade the sales recruitment process and prepare employees to take on new roles.

As lead of the product and education team, Danny knew her mandate was clear: Deliver meaningful learning experiences that enable sales teams across the organisation. Danny knew where she could make an impact—the firm’s Rising Star program, one of the areas within the organisation that was experiencing the most attrition. Participants were mid-career employees with specialised knowledge who support financial advisors and conduct roadshows, where they share insights about the firm’s latest products and services.

To tackle this challenge, Danny recommended the firm focus on developing its junior employees, training them with the knowledge necessary for a seamless transition into an inside wholesaler role when an opening became available. She decided to take a three-pronged approach: self-led online learning, analysis applications, and skills and knowledge presentation.

“With travel being such a large component of the sales teams’ roles, a flexible training platform was non-negotiable,” she said. “And Brightspace allows the team to submit assignments, upload videos, and interact with each other  – from anywhere, and on any device. And that just wouldn’t be possible with a traditional LMS.”

Danny’s also a fan of just-in-time, bite-sized learning. She shared how she often sits in her executives’ offices, asking them to share their approach to a particular situation, and she’s able to upload the videos of their responses in seconds to Brightspace for her learners to review. “It becomes an invaluable resource for employees,” she shared. “Providing that executive insight is a critical part of nurturing the team’s success and career development. Brightspace makes it easy.”

Danny has also received great feedback for the skills and knowledge presentation portion of the program. Learners have the ability to leverage Social Assessment™ and video capabilities to gather direct, constructive feedback from their managers and mentors on their presentation styles. “They’ve already practised and built the confidence they need going into client presentations,” she explained.

Danny’s goal within the organization is to help her people become role-ready when an opportunity arises, and she’s proud of the success the Rising Star program has had thus far. “For me, the most rewarding part of my job is seeing employees promoted into new roles and continuing to grow their careers with the firm. Next, I’m excited to take the learnings from the Inside Wholesaler program and apply them to new areas of the business.”

“>Use our workbook to build a modern learning business case at your firm.

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