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3 LMS Tools That Can Help Support Your Association’s Staff

We all know that even with the power of automation, creating engaging continuing education that’s personalised to people’s needs isn’t something that happens on its own. You need people behind the scenes to make it all work and come together seamlessly, which is why it’s crucial to make sure your staff are going to get what they need from the platform you choose.

In this blog, we look at three learning management system (LMS) tools you can leverage that can help support your teams throughout your association’s digital transformation journey.

1. Class Progress

When you want to explore what’s going on in a single course, the Class Progress tool can be a game changer. It gives you an at-a-glance view into performance at both a class and an individual level, making it easier to track and compare metrics and trends.

For example, you can see when someone last logged in, what content they visited, and how they’re performing on assignments and quizzes. These kinds of metrics are important when your association is looking to understand the return on its investment.

2. Quizzes

One of the next things you want to think about is how your staff will set up and administer quizzes. In the Brightspace platform, you can build quizzes using up to 20 different question types and have them be automatically or manually graded. Using quizzes after an on-demand or live webinar to certify CEU hours is a use case we see often with associations.

You can also combine the quizzing tool with automations to customise someone’s learning pathway through a course. If they didn’t perform well on a certain question, you can customise the lesson so the next piece of content they see can help them better master the topic.

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3. Tool Statistics

The Tool Statistics dashboard can help you understand how your learners are engaging with the tools in your courses. When are they logging in, what content are they spending the most time on, and which tools are they really loving? This information can help you amp up courses that are hitting the mark and adjust courses that may be missing it.

Measuring Learning to Drive Ongoing Growth

We want to leave you with three key points to remember:

  1. Use the Class Progress tool to get a snapshot of how each member is engaging with your courses.
  2. Quizzes help give learners valuable and different ways to check their knowledge.
  3. Tool Statistics can arm you with the insights you need in order to know what’s working and what isn’t.

These three tools not only can help your association engage its members and support its staff, but also can help you measure the impact your programs are having.

Calculate the ROI of Your Association’s Online Learning Programs

If you’re looking to provide or enhance virtual training, accreditation, and professional development opportunities, the question is: What types of results and returns can you expect?

This guide is here to help you answer that question with:

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  • Factors to incorporate into your calculations
  • Sample formulas and real-world metrics

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