With the Course Adventure Pack, we’ll help you create content that they won’t want to put down – from interactive course and game design to development and integration.

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Game-Based Learning Service

Game design, development, and integration within the Brightspace platform will help you create a highly interactive experience—one that learners are already familiar and comfortable with – to drive participation by allowing them to proceed at their own pace while receiving immediate feedback about their progress.

Within a game-based environment, learners work towards a goal set by choosing their own actions while a risk free setting encourages experimentation and provides opportunities for repetition if they need to focus more on a certain area.

Story Builder Service

Tell a story that resonates with learners and will have a lasting impact. Using the story builder service to add interactive elements to your online courses and training content is a fun and different approach to improve outcomes. It creates a safe place for learning and training to take place.

Interactive Assessment Tools

Our toolbox of interactive assessments let you give learners immediate feedback as they develop new skills and knowledge. Learners can apply their knowledge on the spot with fun, interactive assessments that take learning to a whole new level.

Creative Services Expertise

Receive one day of training from our team of expert designers and developers to help you enhance the design, effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of your course. Whether you’re new to e-Learning or want to improve your current offerings to completely engage your learners, the Creative Services team at D2L can help.

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