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Brightspace is a learning management system that provides an engaging experience for junior grades through high school. Brightspace LMS for K-12 has been re-imagined with a new activity feed, standards-aligned lessons, a parent engagement experience, complete mobility, and a portfolio experience that even non-readers can use to capture evidence of their learning.

Learn more about D2L Brightspace LMS for K-12 at https://www.d2l.com/k-12/

Categories: Blended Learning, Online Learning, Personalized Education, Trends in Learning
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Brightspace is a learning management system that makes it easier for you to give each student a more personalised learning experience – but now, you can do it with fewer headaches and in less time.

It’s one platform, with single-sign on to all the tools you need, that works on any device – and can be used to create a different experience for each grade level.

The youngest students can use a portfolio specifically built for non-readers to share what they’re learning.
As they get older, and busier – the activity feed shows them the latest updates to help them keep track of everything that’s going on.

And no matter what grade your students are in, it’s simpler than ever to create lessons and check that content is aligned to standards.

You can use materials from publishers, open educational resources, or bring them in directly from Google Drive.
The social interface brings it all together in a way that’s easy for anyone to use and keeps everyone connected – teachers, students, and their parents.

With Brightspace, you’ll be able to reach every learner in a way that supports their learning style.