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Build a learning culture that gives you a competitive advantage

With the Indigo Release for Brightspace, you’ll have everything you need to enable all employees to reach their potential a one-stop learning platform. All the elements of learning are available to create and deliver robust learning experiences, helping employee success become a driver of business success.

Join our product experts for an overview of the new features in the Indigo Release.

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Foster a culture of learning

Employees will stay motivated by driving their own learning experiences. It’s easy and intuitive for them to search for, discover, and self-enrol in courses that interest them by using the Discover tool in the Brightspace platform.

Modern Learning Here and Now

You can deliver modern learning and employee up-skilling in Brightspace by using Learning Paths. Group multiple courses into a logical, easy-to-follow path, allowing learners to chart their progress and see what they need to work on next.

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Animated screenshots of the tool integrations in Brightspace Lessons.

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Improve employee engagement

Employees will enjoy an improved experience when accessing content in Brightspace, including intuitive and clear navigation, full-screen viewing, and progress and completion status – all accessible from any device.

You can create a space for collaboration by having employees post in the activity feed to ignite conversations and discussion. This added level of engagement will help your employees stay engaged, perform at their best and adapt quickly to challenges.

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Motivate employees with effective feedback

Feedback is essential to helping your employees learn and improve.

Provide feedback quickly

Managers and instructors can provide timely feedback to employees by being able to quickly find and prioritise submissions with Quick Eval. Did you ask your sales team to submit video assignments showing them practising their latest pitch? You’ll want to give them feedback right away so that they can incorporate it into their work in the field; you can filter just to what you want to look at first. Were you away on vacation, and are people waiting for your feedback? The list is automatically sorted by the oldest first. It’s easy to prioritise and organise so that you can move on with your day as quickly as possible.

Annotations screenshot

Make feedback relevant and specific

Specific and relevant feedback is much more meaningful than a general comment. You can use annotations to mark up a document and let your employees know which parts stood out and where you have suggestions.

Easily show employees where they stand

Another great way to provide feedback is with rubrics – they can be used to show exactly where an employee stands and what the opportunities are to go to the next level. With a new rubrics creation experience, it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to create a rubric to use for feedback and evaluation.

Make data-driven decisions

On-demand access to easy-to-understand information gives you data to make smart decisions about your corporate learning experiences. Administrators can fuel ROI discussions with data that clearly shows how the Brightspace platform is being used, what is being accessed, by whom, how often and when.

More than just system logins, the Adoption Dashboard allows you to analyse and act on login trends, course access, tool usage and enrolment data. No more waiting on custom reports or reliance on external tools. With the Engagement Dashboard, you can also identify groups and individuals that are doing well in addition to those that are struggling.

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