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Delivering a personalised learning experience is the key to really connecting with learners. With Autumn16, we’ve added more ways for instructors to provide personalised content, and more ways for learners to demonstrate their knowledge and interact with others. Creating an engaging learning experience has never been easier.

Streamline communications. Keep it personal.

Providing meaningful and personal messages to learners keeps them engaged and interested. Intelligent agents send automated emails, while making sure each learner gets a relevant message that is specific to them.

With Autumn16, we’ve added new features to the much-loved intelligent agents to make communications even more personal with the ability to:

  • customise the ‘reply-to’ and ‘from’ fields so that learners can easily connect
  • write more meaningful messages with increased character limits
  • conduct a practice run to see who the message will be going to
  • see what has been sent to whom with new history pages


Connect with video. Make it interactive.

Video is critical to delivering an engaging learning experience. Brightspace helps you harness the full power of video through multimedia lecture capture, personalised video feedback, and two-way video conferencing.

With the release of Video Assignments and additional features being added to Virtual Classroom, Brightspace now offers even more ways for people to learn and demonstrate their knowledge in a highly interactive and personalised way.

Video Assignments

Fully integrated into the Brightspace platform, the Video Assignments tool by YouSeeU lets an instructor assign a Video Presentation to their class and provide time-stamped feedback within the completed video.

In Higher Education and K-12, Video Assignments can be used to evaluate and provide feedback on a broad set of communications skills. Instructors will be able to give learners feedback as they practice applying their knowledge and demonstrating their skills. This can be used to assess presentations, interview practice, practical skill demonstrations and more.

With the premium version, new types of assessments can be introduced into courses, such as real-world simulations, debates, peer reviews, other creative exercises using two-way video.

In corporate learning, Video Assignments can be used to help employees develop and become more successful in their roles. Employees can refine their presentation skills, rehearse sales pitches, and be evaluated on their retention during onboarding.

The premium version provides even more options that can be utilised for role-play training, evaluations of demonstrated skills, leadership development, and more.
Using Video Assignments for Brightspace in Education

Using Video Assignments for Brightspace in the Workplace

Hear what people are saying.

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom tool helps instructors leverage the full potential of video in education by:

  • scheduling, delivering, and recording live video conferencing sessions right from within the LMS
  • using it for two-way discussions, video-based training, office hours, and more
  • automatically recording video sessions and seamlessly embedding them into a course

New in Autumn16, these sessions can be personalised even more:

  • by sharing files that learners can download to use later on
  • with online polls to quickly learn about the audience
  • by easily extending a session if the conversation is flowing
  • by customising the settings


Limited Time Introductory Package

In Autumn16, we’ve added Video Assignments and new Virtual Classroom features into Brightspace at no charge. We’re also happy to announce a Video Assignments Premium option, which adds additional video assessment types.

We’re excited about the power of incorporating video-based learning into courses with Video Assignments and Virtual Classroom. Until the end of the year, we’re offering a limited-time introductory package that includes both Video Assignments Premium and Virtual Classroom Premium together.

Find Out More

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to turn on Virtual Classrooms and Video Assignments, or to find out more about the Premium versions.

A better online course experience. A faster way.

The clean user interface of the Daylight Experience now streamlines workflows. It makes courses easy for learners to navigate, and easy to update. Daylight encompasses everything from the visual look and feel to how users interact with Learning Environment. Take a look at Daylight in your Brightspace test environment.

It’s now easier to set up a multiple choice quiz with a streamlined workflow that has been introduced as part of Daylight.

A new photo library for course widgets creates a beautiful interface that makes it easy to navigate to the right spot.

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