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Helping to Innovate the Future of Virtual Learning

Create a high-impact and collaborative learning environment for your learners with D2L and Class Technologies

D2L and Class Technologies have partnered to offer a seamlessly integrated solution to help learners, instructors and administrators connect using both synchronous and asynchronous modalities, improving learning outcomes, impact and connection.

Introducing Class

Class is changing the way the world learns by adding teaching and learning tools to Zoom, developing and innovating a synchronous online teaching and learning platform for K-12, higher education and the workplace.
Now integrated with D2L Brightspace, Class adds a suite of built-in teaching tools and a redesigned videoconferencing interface to help the virtual classroom achieve high-quality learning outcomes. 

The unique Class layout is designed with the classroom in mind to help increase visibility of all learners. Beyond the interface, Class collects and digests verbal and nonverbal feedback on what’s happening in the session.

Easily link websites, stream videos and share files to the whole class to minimise distractions and administrative effort.

The in-app proctoring tool helps to provide learners the security and support they need during virtual assessments.

Launch materials—including polls, assignments, and quizzes—directly to each room to save time navigating different apps.

Access meaningful data on what happens in the classroom, including talk time, participation and assignment analytics.

Building Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Environments to Help Improve Learner Outcomes

Together, we offer a new, innovative way to learn—one that supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning—leading the industry with a vision to provide redesigned learning experiences to improve outcomes and flexibility.

What we offer:

  • synchronous and asynchronous learning delivery
  • seamless collaboration between instructors, administrators, and learners
  • learner engagement data that enhances interactions
  • personalised learning experience with targeted course content and communication 
  • flexibility to design and customise the learning environment

How It Works

Launch Class using single sign-on directly from Brightspace using LTI integration—helping eliminate the need to roster learners ahead of time and verify learners once they join a classroom session.

Launch Brightspace content to all or individual learners and use instructor and learner tools to help create engaging and relevant learning experiences that are both synchronous and asynchronous, helping every learner to be equally engaged.

Capture learner contributions and predicted learner success data to identify at-risk learners, alter learning strategies proactively and ensure learners are on the right track to success—all within the D2L and Class solution offerings.

About Class Technologies

Class is software developed by Class Technologies Inc., a company founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen. Class is built on the Zoom platform and includes everything needed to facilitate instruction and improve learner engagement in virtual and hybrid classroom settings. The software adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom that enable instructors to perform virtually many of the activities that happen in a real classroom.

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