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Improved outcomes

With Brightspace, we make it quick and easy to inspire learners and motivate them to take ownership of their education.

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Provide personalised feedback

Learn more about providing personalized feedback

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Quickly make courses more engaging

Learn more about quickly making courses more engaging

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Easily review your students’ learning experiences

Learn more about easily reviewing your students’ learning experiences

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Keep your learners on track

You can quickly see early indicators of learner engagement, easily identify who needs help, and intervene early. You can check what learners already know (and don’t know) so you can deliver the right content and questions at the right time, and give them a helpful nudge to inspire them to reach their full potential.

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Provide personalised feedback

Provide personalised feedback to all learners using automated, scheduled messaging based on specific criteria.

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Quickly make courses more engaging

Easily make courses more engaging using video, virtual classrooms, game-based learning, awards, and badging. You can also work with our Learning & Creative Services team, who will consult with you on best practices, help you build custom homepages and engaging HTML templates, and review and enhance existing course modules.

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Review your students’ learning experiences easily

We’ve made it easy for students to demonstrate their accomplishments to their learners, peers and employers through our newly redesigned Portfolio. This ability to share their accomplishments boosts both student confidence and engagement.

More partner, less vendor

Get your learners more excited about attending class and finishing their next project.

Learn more about more partner, less vendor.