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Addressing the Learning and Teaching Gaps in the Post-Covid World

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  • Date

    Oct 27, 2021

    2:30 pm–3:20 pm
  • Duration

    50 Minutes

  • Location
    Virtual On-Demand

The pandemic and lockdown measures pushed an experiential learning experience for all the stakeholders of education from management to staff, to students, and more importantly, it highlighted the need for institutions and schools to have robust forward planning measures including the mix of both online and offline learning methodologies for future-proofing the education system of today.

We all have gone through a swift technological transformation in education that has shown all educators the “art of the possible” when it comes to using technology to enhance and improve the ways of teaching and learning.

What lessons can be taken from the pandemic as an opportunity to transform and reimagine the education of tomorrow? Planning needs to start today!

Addressing the Learning and Teaching Gaps in the Post-Covid World is one session of the 4 sessions as part of the webinar series “Lessons Learned for Future-proofing education” that exemplifies the series of steps that technology-enabled platform can help to grapple the challenges in education to ensure smooth and continued pathways for teaching and learning.

The session will focus on:

  • What are the learning gaps that need immediate attention – learning loss, social and emotional needs, drop-outs, barriers to connectivity, etc.
  • What are the teaching gaps that need immediate attention – Digital skills, missing infrastructure, communication, assessment, and pedagogical skills gaps, etc.
  • Suggestive measures to combat the gaps in education through technology-enabled, shown through Brightspace learning management system.

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Moses Lim Team Lead, Solutions Engineering, Asia