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4 Learner Experience Models That Can Help Drive Member Engagement with Your Association

Keeping in mind your association’s mission, its experience with online learning, and members’ ambitions can help you choose the learner experience model that best fits your needs.

Do you want to offer independent, self-paced courses learners can finish on their own? Would you prefer to provide live experiences? Is your goal to work toward delivering multilayered, multifaceted events that blend on-demand and real-time content?

In the first blog in our series, we explored how to align plans for your LMS with your association’s overall strategy and how to create experiences that excite and add value for members. Here, we’ll take a closer look at four types of learner experience models you could leverage.

1. On-Demand Education

On-demand education courses can be made available for both members and nonmembers at any time. You can edit and update them as you need, depending on how learners are engaging and interacting with the content, and can avoid balancing the challenges that come with live content. Especially if you’re new to hosting content online, on-demand course offerings can be a great way to test the waters.

2. Live Webinars

Live webinars or conferences may take more planning and experience, especially given potential issues that could arise, such as technical glitches or even environmental disruptions like noisy lawnmowers or excited dogs. If, however, your subject-matter experts have the confidence and skills to present material in real time and this mode of delivery better suits your association’s mission, it could be the right way to go.

3. Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences tend to be complex environments that include live webinars, breakout exercises and sessions, and potentially on-demand content to complement live learning. One of the most important things to keep in mind with this delivery model is that virtual conferences shouldn’t be digital replicas of your in-person ones. You’ll need to be prepared to adjust the duration, sequence of events, types of content, and more.

4. Hybrid or Blended Model

A hybrid or blended model includes a combination of online and in-person content and is something we’re starting to see more often. It can give you opportunities to blend experiences together and focus on a single topic for several hours or days.

One association we worked with was doing webinars once a month as well as fully online courses, all delivered in an on-demand format. Working with one of D2L’s graphic designers and an instructional designer, the organisation was able to bring a refreshed learning experience to life that had a huge impact on the effectiveness of the course right away—boosting quiz scores and increasing enrolment.

Drive Member Engagement with Your Association

Providing members and learners with innovative, relevant learning experiences can be a differentiator for your association. In this on-demand webinar, Holly Whitaker, learning strategies consultant with D2L, outlines how you can provide continuous learning opportunities that drive engagement, improve member retention, and help you monetise your learning offerings.

In this webinar, discover how to:

  • Improve membership retention and promote growth.
  • Deepen engagement with members.
  • Measure the success of learning programmess for ongoing success.
  • Increase monetisation opportunities for existing learning offerings.
How to Drive Member Engagement with Education Thumbnail

How to Drive Member Engagement with Education

Learn how to turn members into advocates by providing continuous, self-directed learning opportunities no matter where members...

Watch it now

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