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How D2L Brightspace Helps Associations Transform Learning

Earlier in 2022, the D2L Australia and New Zealand team had the chance to take part in the AuSAE LMS Demo Day. Our speaker at the event was Glen Luttrell, senior solutions engineer with D2L and our go-to person in the region when it comes to delivering demonstrations of Brightspace.

I spoke with Glen to gain some insights into the context in which associations operate and how Brightspace can help transform the learning that associations deliver.

What challenges have associations faced when it comes to learning?

Associations have faced unique challenges over the last two years. The pandemic, work-from-home orders and hybrid work have changed how members interact with associations. Many associations have had to reconsider how they deliver courses to members to avoid a professional development void.

What do the current challenges mean for associations in the future?

Put simply, there is now an understanding that online and hybrid professional development and education need to be a key pillar of what associations provide for members in the future.

How does using an LMS such as Brightspace benefit members?

Amongst a suite of useful and engaging features, Brightspace provides members with:

  • A responsive mobile experience: Brightspace is built for mobile first. It can enable full access to learning and assessment on almost any internet-enabled device using a modern browser, so members can engage anywhere at any time.
  • Ease of use: The platform features an award-winning user interface, providing intuitive navigation with minimal clicks or taps.
  • Accessibility: Our products are designed with empathy to ensure that all members, including those who require assistive technologies, can receive a high-quality learning experience.
  • CPD functions: Brightspace can provide members with the CPD Management tool, a mechanism to track credits against targets and create their CPD record for events outside the platform.

What about educators? What benefits can they expect to see with Brightspace?

For those within an association who are responsible for creating and managing learning activities, Brightspace enables:

  • Powerful yet simple authoring: From pre-built content templates to the click-of-a-button inclusion of rich media content, the Brightspace Editor provides a single interface for authoring learning content.
  • Flexibility: Brightspace is designed to be flexible. It can make a host of educational needs—synchronous live events, online communities of practice, interactive learning and many others—possible within the learning environment.
  • Integrations: By supporting common standards for online technologies, Brightspace can seamlessly integrate with other tools in an association’s ecosystem, such as a CRM or association management system.

How do associations themselves benefit from using Brightspace and working with D2L?

Keenly interested in the success and effectiveness of member education, leadership can realize several benefits:

  • Return on investment: Comprehensive data, analytics and reporting can provide a clear picture of member engagement and the effectiveness of course offerings. From those insights, associations can quickly identify where refinement or additional resources may be needed.
  • Operational efficiency: From simpler administrative functions and processes to fast, simple management of learning, Brightspace can help reduce the time and resources required to provide fantastic learning experiences for members.
  • Partnership: Your success as an association becomes our success. We can provide support at every step to help you get the most out of Brightspace—whether by helping to develop your online learning strategy, build great content, support with day-to-day administration or more.

With features like these, Brightspace gives associations the learning environment that can meet their needs now and support them well into the future too.

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