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Beyond D2L to take online learning to the next level

We have integrated with some great partners to provide a more complete solution to your learning needs. Below are a few examples to help you achieve your goals.

Offer exams online with proctoring and identity verification

Learn more about offering exams online with proctoring and identity verification

Reduce Cheating with Plagiarism Prevention

Learn more Reducing Cheating with Plagiarism Prevention .

Make it easy for people to collaborate using video

Learn more making it easy for people to collaborate using video.

Leverage best-in-class online learning content

Learn more about leveraging best-in-class online learning content.

Offer exams online with proctoring and identity verification

Testing and validating knowledge are a key part of the learning experience. You can maintain academic integrity when facilitating exams and tests online.

Identity verification

The biggest concern when it comes to running tests and exams online is being able to verify the identities of the learners to prevent cheating. By using a mobile-friendly partner integration for the Brightspace platform, you can conduct exams online and be worry-free. Using Biometric ID identification that is integrated right into the Brightspace platform, you can rest assured that exams can be administered online without extra effort on your end.

Step 1:

The user is asked to take a picture of their face

Step 2:

The user is asked to take a picture of their ID document

Step 3:

The facial image is compared and authenticated against the ID

Step 4:

Participation is monitored for custom session rules

Step 5:

The session is either cleared or invalid compared to the session rules

Step One of Identity Verification
Step Two of Identity Verification

High-stakes assessment

For many, the Quizzing tool in the Brightspace platform combined with our proctoring solutions may be the perfect solution. When you need even more robust features, we have a partner solution specifically designed for high stakes exams. You’ll be able to author, deliver and mark assessments for hundreds to millions of test-takers. This secure and protected solution is efficient to create and set up exams, is engaging with media-rich assessments and runs uninterrupted, regardless of internet drop-outs or slow-downs.

Step 1:

Create your test paper using 2D different question types

Step 2:

Delivery is a secure environment even with unstable or no internet connectivity

Step 3:

Auto and manual marking to ensure high-quality, fair results with fast turnaround times

Step 4:

View the results in a fraction of the time of traditional methods

Step 5:

Use powerful reports to get deep insights and actionable analytics

Screenshot of plagiarism detection on mobile device

Reduce cheating with plagiarism prevention

Detect, prevent and handle plagiarism, regardless of language.

By using our plagiarism detection partner you’ll get an automatic text-recognition system integrated right into the Brightspace platform. In order to prove that a piece of text has been plagiarized, finding the source is the greatest challenge. The internet, published material, and student material all contain an immense and ever-increasing amount of source references, which makes it close to impossible for teachers to find it unaided. Our partner’s plagiarism detection and prevention system can help.

Make it easy for people to collaborate using video

Stay connected even at home. A smiling face can make all the difference to keep people engaged.

Seamlessly connect face-to-face through video for instruction, assessment, and feedback with a Virtual Classroom in the Brightspace platform.

Video Assignment on laptop

See your learners demonstrate their learning even when you’re in different locations with Video Assignments in the Brightspace platform. These structured video workflows let you facilitate repeated skill practice, peer-to-peer collaboration, asynchronous communications, and knowledge application within a real-world context.

Zoom meeting scheduler on mobile

If you’re using Zoom for live virtual meetings, these can be integrated into the Brightspace platform to keep your learning all in one place. Get your entire group together on video or just have a quick one-to-one catch-up. HD video and audio deliver, even in low-bandwidth environments, so you won’t miss a beat.

Microsoft Teams screenshot

Users with Microsoft accounts can create, schedule, and share Teams Meetings from within Brightspace. Institutions and organizations can get up and running immediately through the creation of a custom widget that can be used by instructors to create and share meeting links with students.

Leverage best-in-class online learning content

Saving time and reduce the cost from having to create your own content. You can leverage content partners that are fully integrated in the Brightspace platform to offer the highest quality of education.

Leverage world-class K-12 content from D2L Ontario Elementary.

Includes a full catalog of 90+ K-12 courses with engaging content. These engaging courses reduce the need for as much synchronous instruction – creating a better experience for students and teachers that is scalable.

Top-branded leadership content with Harvard ManageMentor.

Provide your organization with high quality leadership training, including 41 topics, with each course taking approximately 2-3 hours.

Leverage the Learning and Creative Services team at D2L who are experts in course design.

They can work with you on courseware and multimedia development, or to maximize the value of your content investment.

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