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From helping new managers develop the soft skills they need to succeed to improving the skills and performance of seasoned leaders, today’s organizations must be able to effectively develop their leadership pipelines if they’re to respond decisively to a dramatically changing business landscape.

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Reinvigorate your leadership

Overcoming unprecedented business challenges requires a new approach to leadership development. D2L can help your organization quickly adapt to the changing world of work by reinvigorating your leadership pipeline with modern learning experiences that are aligned to your unique values and business objectives.

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Content creation and curation to build your leadership pipeline

  • Leverage internal leadership insights and management expertise by using built-in content creation tools, and share them at scale with leaders across your entire organization.
  • Deploy best-in-class third-party leadership content in a central location where it can be easily curated and delivered based on your organization’s unique learning needs.
  • Customize content to create leadership development experiences, such as video, courses, and documents, that align with your organization’s business objectives and strategic initiatives.

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Collaborative learning and Social Assessment™ for new managers and mentoring

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Encourage feedback, content sharing, and collaboration among leaders at all levels by using online discussion forums for real-time engagement.

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Promote iterative improvement by using video-based tools to facilitate regular feedback from mentors, managers, coaches, and peers on demonstrations of skill and competency in situational learning scenarios.

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Connect new managers with SMEs throughout your organization using built-in web-conferencing tools to encourage real-time coaching and knowledge-sharing.

Personalized learning to develop better leadership skills

  • Make better decisions regarding your leadership and development instructional design by using built-in analytics to better track and understand performance and learning engagement.
  • Use rules-based tools to provide personalized learning pathways tailored to managers’ unique roles to improve retention, promote growth, and boost performance.
  • Bolster leadership development programs with elements of brain science and bite-sized content to encourage engagement in continuous self-led leadership development.

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