Upgrade your staff and volunteer training

Nonprofit organizations are challenged by having to compete for donor dollars, do more with less, fill leadership gaps, and work with new volunteers daily. Staff, fundraisers, and volunteers who are equipped with the right training can positively represent the organization’s values, brand, and purpose to help generate awareness and ultimately raise more funds.

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Strengthen your community outreach

Working with D2L, your organization can deliver on-message learning experiences to onboard your employees and volunteers faster, and ensure they are aligned with your mission and core values.

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With D2L, you can:

  • Retain employees and promote leadership development with personalized learning paths.
  • Onboard new volunteers faster by creating and curating custom content based on individual roles that aligns with your key objectives.
  • Create interactive donor scenarios to deliver situational learning and real-time feedback.

Find out how D2L can help you build a modern learning culture that addresses your unique workforce challenges.

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