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D2L is focused on transforming how the world learns. From nonprofits to global enterprises, organizations of all sizes and across all industries are developing their people with learning. Our platform addresses your industry's needs by providing a solution that is easy to use, robust, accessible, secure, and designed for the modern worker. Upgrade your workforce with D2L.

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Improve your customer interactions by working with D2L to help increase employee engagement, develop your staff’s customer service skills, and quickly onboard new hires.

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Financial Services

D2L helps you adapt to a quickly changing industry by outfitting your advisors with the skills they need to stay on top of the latest fintech trends and helping you develop your leaders of tomorrow today.

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Work with D2L to help keep employees up to speed on product knowledge and their skills ahead of the curve while also helping to develop your leadership pipeline so you can continue to propel technological innovation.

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With D2L, manufacturers can train plant workers and corporate office staff, delivering job-relevant learning to employees to improve safety and increase efficiencies.

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Implement next-generation learning experiences with D2L to help quickly onboard employees and volunteers while ensuring they’re aligned with your mission and values, so you can attract new donors, drive revenue, and continue to do the work that matters.

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Media and Entertainment

D2L will help your organization adapt to a changing media environment by developing your future leaders and providing your employees with the skills they need to stay on top of the latest media trends.

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With D2L, you can increase engagement with your members, attract new constituents to your organization, and drive new revenue through innovative training offerings.

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Work with D2L to promote digital literacy and move healthcare education beyond compliance to keep professional practitioners on the cutting edge of new industry trends and best practices.

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Energy and Resources

Using D2L, arm your crews with the skills they need to react with agility to changing customer demands, evolving technologies, and new environmental regulations.

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Content Vendors & Thought Leaders

By using D2L, you can create and deploy your best-of-breed content in an easy-to-use learning platform and deliver dynamic learning experiences in any format, including video.

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Professional and Business Services

Leveraging D2L’s solutions, you can align your services with the right expertise and to the right projects to drive more revenue and improve skill sets to better satisfy customer needs and increase your profits.

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Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Working with D2L, you can navigate a challenging business climate by keeping costs low and efficiencies high with engaging, on-demand digital learning experiences that are tailor-made to keep your employees’ skills and competencies sharp and up to date.

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Government & Public Services

D2L can help your agency prepare for the future, optimize efficiencies, and improve constituent services with a learning platform that lets you quickly create and curate best-in-class learning content.

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With D2L, your hospitality organization can maintain superior guest service by quickly onboarding and developing staff while delivering cost-effective, company-specific training.

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Find out how D2L can help you build a modern learning culture that addresses your unique workforce challenges.

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