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Employee Engagement Tips

Employee engagement is crucial to a company's success. Higher levels of employee engagement result in better financial results for the organization. Meanwhile, employees that are not engaged cost companies millions of dollars in absenteeism and presenteeism, increase turnover rates, raise numbers of accidents, and decrease productivity.

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For employees to be truly engaged, some of the elements they need include:

  • Job clarity and direction
  • Feedback on their work, performance, and development
  • Strong peer relationships
  • Professional skill and leadership development

Organizations that meet these four criteria can expect to see engagement levels increase. The result is employees who are dedicated and more customer-centric, and thus more productive and profitable.

The Role of the Next-Gen Learning Engagement Platform

Employee engagement can be easily managed using a Learning Engagement Platform. Unlike a corporate LMS, a Learning Engagement Platform develops employee engagement through learning. With a Learning Engagement Platform, you can launch a program that distributes online training, encourages collaboration through social learning and peer assessment, and enables employees to create their own personal learning paths.

Tips to Engage your Employees

Need ways to get your employees excited about using a learning engagement platform? Here are a few to get started:

  1. Think bigger than mobile learning. Employees want access to training and social learning experiences whenever and wherever they have the time or need.
  2. Communicate clear learning objectives, and enable employees to create their own personal learning plan.
  3. Enable extensive feedback prior to evaluation and, whenever possible, let the employee choose if they want to be evaluated.
  4. Foster relationships between colleagues. Incorporate peer assessment and social learning activities through discussions and video.

D2L’s Learning Engagement Platform

A flexible learning engagement platform such as D2L makes it easy to create programs that foster engagement and growth. It’s no surprise, more and more customers worldwide are embracing D2L every day.

Find out how D2L can help engage your employees