This Week in Corporate Learning: Leadership Skills for the Future Workplace

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This week we look at 16 critical skills for tomorrow’s leaders and how to boost employee knowledge retention.

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16 Essential Leadership Skills for the Workplace of Tomorrow

Leadership can be developed and honed and there are key skills that tomorrow’s leaders will need to master in order to be effective in the future workplace.

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5 Ways to Boost the Knowledge Retention of Your Learners

Learners forget almost 90% of what they’ve learned only days after an educational event. However, with the right strategies, organizations can ensure positive ROI for their L&D efforts.

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5 Reasons Millennials Must Develop Lean Management Skills

Having lean management skills demonstrates to employers that you understand the forces of the global economy.

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How Training is Evolving Along with a Tech-Savvy Workforce

Employers are investigating the use of technologies like augmented reality and VR to improve employee training.

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